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Overview of BLS International Data and Technical Cooperation

The Bureau of Labor Statistics produces import and export price data and provides technical assistance to statistical offices of other countries and international agencies.

Import and Export Prices

The International Price Program measures changes in the prices of imported and exported goods and some services traded between the United States and the rest of the world.

International Technical Cooperation

The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts a comprehensive program of technical assistance designed to build statistical capacity in collecting, compiling, and analyzing economic and labor statistics. Statisticians, economists, analysts, and other data users from countries all over the world participate in the Bureau's international technical assistance programs. In addition to scheduled seminars, the Bureau offers customized training programs, consulting services, and welcomes short-term visitors.

International Labor Comparisons

Note that the International Labor Comparisons program has been discontinued; no new data will be published. The International Labor Comparisons (ILC) program adjusted data to a common conceptual framework to allow for meaningful international comparisons. Selected indicators are published by country in Country at a Glance and the entire datasets are available by indicator:

BLS previously produced data on foreign direct investment, but that program was discontinued. Foreign direct investment data can now be obtained from the International Economic Accounts webpage maintained by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

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