Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

2007 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

Beginning with the release of data for 2007, QCEW publications used the 2007 version of NAICS as the basis for the assignment and tabulation of economic data by industry.

The Census Bureau NAICS 2007 manual defines the following categories of industries:

BLS has extended the NAICS coding upwards into 2 domains and 11 supersectors, as well as downward into greater details for subsector 238, specialty trade contractors, dividing the 19 industries into residential and nonresidential categories. BLS files include totals for unclassified records at each NAICS level of aggregation. Unclassified, NAICS 999999, is its own supersector under the service-producing domain. The industry categories under subsector 238 and the inclusion of unclassified bring the number of 6-digit industries to 1,195. Yet, there are two 6-digit industries not used in the United States: Dual purpose cattle ranching and farming, NAICS 112130, and offices of notaries, NAICS 541120. Thus, the number of 6-digit industries for which BLS publishes data is 1,193.

NAICS 2007 coding represents a relatively minor revision to the NAICS 2002 system that had been in use with QCEW data beginning with the release of 2001 data. However, at the detailed industry level, some of the changes are substantial. Some industries were added, some were deleted, and others were split into two or more industries. In first quarter 2007, approximately 1 percent of both employment and establishments and 2 percent of total wages were reclassified into different industries as a result of the revision. Industries introduced with 2007 NAICS are:

Six-digit industries that were split into two or more industries with this revision include:

For more information on industry classification as implemented by the QCEW program, please refer to the QCEW Industry Classification page.

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