Consumer Expenditure Survey

Section 1, Part B - General Housing Characteristics

Section 1, Part B collects general information about the housing unit including the type of structure, number and types of rooms, and types of fuels used in the home.

* Ask if not apparent.

Is this house in a public housing project, that is, is it owned by a local housing authority or other local public agency?

Are your housing costs lower because the Federal, State, or local government is paying part of the cost?

* Ask if not apparent.

Are these living quarters presently used as student housing by a college or university?

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* Ask if not apparent by observation.

Which best describes this building?

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* Specify:[enter text] ______________

How many ROOMS are there in this unit, including all finished living areas and excluding all bathrooms?[enter value] ______________

How many BEDROOMS are there in this unit? [enter value] ______________
* Count all rooms used mainly for sleeping, even if also used for other purposes.

How many COMPLETE bathrooms are there in this unit?[enter value] ______________
* A complete bathroom has a toilet, a bathtub or shower, and a sink, all with running water.

How many HALF bathrooms are there in this unit? [enter value]______________
* A half bathroom has at least a toilet or bathtub or shower, but does not have all the facilities of a complete bathroom.

What fuel is used most for - Heating this unit?

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* Specify: [enter text] ______________

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What fuel is used most for - Heating water in this unit?

* Specify: [enter text] ______________

What fuel is used most for - Cooking?

* Specify: [enter text] ______________

Does this unit have any of the following?

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* Enter all that apply, separate with commas

About when was this building originally built? [enter value] ______________
* Do not consider later remodelings.
* Probe for best estimate

End of Section 1B

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