Consumer Expenditure Survey


Grocery shopping

Restaurants, fast food places, cafeterias, carryouts, or other such places


Other tobacco products

cigars pipe tobacco chewing tobacco

Alcohol, including beer and wine

Meals at school for preschool through high school

Self-service laundry machines

clothing quilts linens
coats rugs drapes

Dry cleaning or laundry service

clothing quilts linens
coats rugs drapes

Haircutting, styling, attached hair pieces, manicures, massages and other salon services

hair coloring pedicures facials
waxing tanning salons hair pieces

Removable hairpieces, wigs, or toupees

temporary hair extensions

Safe deposit box rental in a bank or similar financial institution

Charges or fees for bank services such as ATM or overdraft fees or account service charges from a bank or similar financial institution –

ATM fees regular service charges check order fee
certified check fee money order fee online banking and bill payment fee
check cashing fee below minimum balance fee overdraft fee
fees for personal loans, except those for real estate management fees for trust, custodial or escrow accounts

Taxi or limousine service

Including Super Shuttle

Mass transportation services such as a bus, subway, mini-bus, or train

Include commuter services not covered by an employer

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Last Modified Date: April 30, 2013

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