Consumer Expenditure Survey

2011 Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) Microdata Users' Workshop

Thank You For A Highly Successful 2011 Workshop

The 2011 Consumer Expenditure Survey Microdata Users’ Workshop (July 27-29) has recently concluded. Based on comments from attendees and observations of planners, this workshop was well received and highly successful. The planners wish to thank our presenters (see below) for a series of exceptional presentations. Of course, there would be no workshop without attendees, and we appreciate their investment of time, effort, and funds to spend three days with us at the BLS. Along with those in attendance from state and federal government and the private sector, several PhD candidates and professors represented 17 distinguished universities.

The 2012 workshop, the seventh in the annual series, is already being planned for next July 18-20. If you have never attended a workshop, but are interested in doing so, the planners look forward to answering any questions you may have. If you have already attended one, we hope you will join us again. The format varies from year to year as we incorporate recommendations from attendees, so that your experience at the next workshop may differ substantially from that of the workshop you previously attended.

Presenters At The 2011 Consumer Expenditure Survey Workshop

(in order of presentation)

BLS Presenters and Instructors

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