Consumer Expenditure Survey

Economic Working Papers by CE Staff and Others Using CE Data

The BLS Economic Working Paper Series is a collection of research papers authored by senior economists within various offices of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This series is maintained by the Office of Employment Research and Program Development, the Compensation Research and Program Development Group, and the Division of Price and Index Number Research. The purpose of the BLS Working Paper Series is to circulate research findings to interested readers within and outside the BLS as a means of encouraging discussion prior to publication in academic journals.

Hard copies of those working papers which are not available in electronic format can be obtained by contacting Anna Sanders at 202-691-6589 or , or via mail at US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Division of Price and Index Number Research, Room 3105, 2 Massachusetts Avenue NE, Washington, D.C. 20212.

Last Modified Date: November 4, 2013

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