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The report includes integrated data from the Diary and Interview portions of the Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) including one-page data tables and is usually published a few months after the annual press release. The tables show average expenditures, income, and characteristics for consumer units classified by 13 characteristics: quintiles of income, before-tax income class, age of the reference person, size of the consumer unit, composition of the consumer unit, number of earners, housing tenure, type of area (urban or rural), race, Hispanic origin, region of residence, occupation, and highest education level of any consumer-unit member. The report also includes a brief discussion of expenditure changes for the year, a description of the CE survey, and a short glossary.

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This report includes integrated survey data and is published at 2-year intervals. The tables in the biennial report include the same characteristics that are shown in the annual report, but with additional expenditure detail. The tables are similar to those shown on our home page under Tables Created by BLS. Also included are tables showing average annual data over a 2-year period for the following characteristics: Income before taxes cross-tabulated by either age, consumer unit size, or region; single consumers by gender cross-tabulated by either income or age; and selected Metropolitan Statistical Areas. The biennial report also compares survey data with other data sources.

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Biennial reports prior to Consumer Expenditure Survey, 2004-2005, can be obtained by contacting the Division of Consumer Expenditure Surveys, Bureau of Labor Statistics. All reports are mailed via the U.S. Postal Service.


This report includes both methodological and analytical articles. The methodological articles provide data users with greater insight into ongoing improvements in the survey as well as issues that are faced in collecting, processing, and publishing information from such a complex survey. The analytical articles provide information on current topics of interest using CE data.

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Other reports and publications, such as articles from the Bureau's “Monthly Labor Review” and CE Web Reports, are available on our home page under Publications and Other Documentation.

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