Survey of Employer-Provided Training


Measuring workplace training

The Survey of Employer-Provided Training (SEPT) program provides detailed information on training by major industry division and by size of establishment. The SEPT program consists of two separate survey efforts:

Types of training

Formal Training: Training that has a structured, formal, and defined curriculum; it may be conducted by supervisors, company training centers, businesses, schools, associations, or others. Formal training includes classroom work, seminars, lectures, workshops, and audio-visual presentations.

Informal Training: Training that is unstructured, unplanned, and easily adapted to situations or individuals. Examples include having a co-worker show you how to use a piece of equipment or having a supervisor teach you a skill related to your job.

SEPT data are used by government, private industry, and the academic community to determine the major types of training that American workers receive from their employers. Types of training include the following:

Last Modified Date: October 16, 2001

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