Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages


Indicates the industry for which the data were reported. The data are based on the classification of industrial activity as defined by the 2002, 2007, and 2012 versions of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). QCEW data from 1990-2006 are classified under the 2002 version of NAICS, QCEW data from 2007-2010 are classified under the 2007 version of NAICS, and data for 2012 forward are classified under the 2012 version of NAICS. Each version of NAICS classifies industries in one of 20 Sectors, but, depending on the version, NAICS defines up to 99 3-digit Subsectors, up to 317 4-digit Industry Groups, up to 724 5-digit NAICS Industries, and up to 1,179 6-digit industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has extended the NAICS coding to 11 alternate aggregate sectors commonly referred to as super sectors or SuperSectors, and two high level Domains - Goods-Producing and Service-Providing. Additionally, the BLS has exercised the NAICS option of country specific coding to define industries in subsector 238, Specialty Trade Contractors. For each of 19 industries of that subsector, the BLS defines 19 U.S. specific residential industries and 19 U.S. specific nonresidential industries.

This QCEW database uses a six position industry code that is composed of the NAICS code.


Indicates the area for which the data were reported. The database uses a five-character code for each area. Currently, data are available for the United States (excluding Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands), as statewide data for each state, including Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, for all counties, and all Metropolitan Areas.


Indicates the ownership sector for which the data were reported.


This database of Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages information reports five datatypes: All employees, number of establishments, total wages, average weekly wage, and average annual pay.


Indicates the establishment size for which the data were reported. Currently, only data from all establishment sizes combined are reported in this database.

Last Modified Date: August 7, 2014

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