International Technical Cooperation

Presenting Economic Data and Information


April 15 - 19, 2013

Application deadline

March 15, 2013




This seminar is designed primarily for economists, statisticians, researchers, analysts, and managers working with price and labor statistics in national statistical programs. Participants should have an elementary knowledge of statistics.


To strengthen participants' skills in effectively presenting and communicating economic data and information by:

Program content

This seminar will draw on the experience of BLS staff and others in displaying and reporting statistical data. Effective tools and approaches to clearly and objectively presenting data to a variety of audiences and users will be discussed. BLS staff will share widely accepted best practices for creating data tables and graphs. Writing press releases, reports, and analytic articles will be discussed. Participants will apply the skills learned during the seminar to critique and improve existing data products published by their organization. Throughout the seminar, participants will be exposed to varied presentation vehicles and tips on how to create them. A discussion is included on the users of statistical data and the ways in which they use them, to highlight the benefits of clear and effective presentation of data. Workshops are included to put the skills learned into practice.

The seminar includes discussions on the following topics:

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