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Economic Indicators


July 27 - 31, 2015

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June 27, 2015




This seminar is designed for economists, statisticians, analysts, researchers, and others who need to understand economic indicators. Participants should have knowledge of basic statistics and some experience in analyzing labor or social data.


To identify key economic indicators and understand how they are used to track an economy by:

Program content

Timely and sound economic data are of critical importance to policymakers, the business community, consumers, and investors. Economics information helps a wide array of people assess how well an economy is performing and guides decision making. What are economic indicators? What is their significance? How should they be interpreted? This seminar is an introduction to key economic indicators and how they are used. In depth discussion on how to construct the various indicators is not provided in this seminar.

The following BLS economic indicators and topics will be presented in this seminar:

Employment and Unemployment

Wages and Labor Costs


Productivity and Unit Labor Costs

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