Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey

The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) program produces data on job openings, hires, and separations.


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Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey

July 07, 2015

Job openings were little changed at 5.4 million on the last business day of May, the highest since the series began in December 2000. Hires were unchanged at 5.0 million and separations were little changed at 4.7 million in May. The rates for quits and layoffs and discharges had little to no change. More...



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  1. Are annual estimates available?
  2. Are seasonally adjusted JOLTS data available?
  3. What dates are the JOLTS data released?
  4. Does JOLTS have estimates by occupation, by state, or by metropolitan area?
  5. Can JOLTS help my job search?
  6. What is the cost of turnover?
  7. What is the average number of jobs a person holds over a lifetime?

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  1. List of Individual Job Openings
  2. Cost of Turnover
  3. Tenure
  4. Number of Jobs the Average Person has over a lifetime
  5. Turnover Rates by Occupation


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