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Productivity and Costs

March 06, 2014
Productivity increased 1.8 percent in the nonfarm business sector in the fourth quarter of 2013; unit labor costs decreased 0.1 percent (seasonally adjusted annual rates). In manufacturing, productivity increased 1.3 percent and unit labor costs decreased 0.1 percent. More...

Productivity and Costs by Industry: Manufacturing Industries, 2012

March 27, 2014
Labor productivity rose in 54 percent of the 57 detailed manufacturing industries covered in 2012, down from 68 percent in 2011. Both output and hours increased in more industries in 2012 than in the previous year. More...

Productivity and Costs by Industry: Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade, and Food Services and Drinking Places Industries, 2012

August 29, 2013
Labor productivity (output per hour) rose in wholesale trade and in retail trade but fell slightly in food services and drinking places in 2012. Productivity grew in two-thirds of the detailed trade and food services industries in 2012. More...

Productivity and Costs by Industry: Selected Service-Providing and Mining Industries, 2011

May 29, 2013
Labor productivity rose in 63 percent of the detailed service-providing and mining industries studied in 2011, down from 67 percent of the industries in 2010. Both output and hours rose in more industries in 2011 than in any year since 2006. More...


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