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Nonproduction Bonuses

The National Compensation Survey is publishing corrected estimates of worker access to nonproduction bonuses for each of its 2003 through 2008 publications on employee benefits in the United States. The previously published estimates were calculated such that workers with more than one of a given type of nonproduction bonus were counted multiple times. For example, if a worker had two attendance bonuses, then the worker was included in the numerator twice while only included in the denominator once. The result was the overestimation of the percent of workers with access to specific types of nonproduction bonuses. Standard errors, available for 2008, were also affected. The method of calculation has now been corrected, no longer allowing for multiple counts of the same type of nonproduction bonus for one worker. Estimates of total nonproduction bonuses were not subject to the error of multiple counts, and therefore, no revision of these estimates was necessary.

A note of the correction is posted under the banner at the top of each publication affected by the change. All future publications will employ the correct methodology.

The corrected data tables are on the following links:

For the 2008 benefits data in HTML format, available at: http://www.bls.gov/ncs/ebs/benefits/2008/benefits_other.htm, the corrected data have replaced the incorrect data, and the estimates are noted as such.

Future NCS estimates on access to nonproduction bonuses will be based on the correct methodology, as noted here.

Last Modified Date: February 13, 2009

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