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The National Longitudinal Surveys (NLS) are a set of surveys designed to gather information at multiple points in time on the labor market activities and other significant life events of several groups of men and women. For more than 4 decades, NLS data have served as an important tool for economists, sociologists, and other researchers.


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Persons born in the latter years of the baby boom hold 11.7 jobs from ages 18 to 48


The average person born in the latter years of the baby boom (1957-1964) held 11.7 jobs from ages 18 to 48, with nearly half of these jobs held from ages 18 to 24.

At age 27, men were one-fourth less likely to have earned a bachelor's degree than women


A longitudinal study of 27 year-olds reveals that men averaged 6.0 jobs and women 6.3 jobs from ages 18 to 26. High school dropouts were employed 54 percent of weeks compared to 71 percent of weeks for high school graduates.


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  1. What is a longitudinal survey?
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  6. Some previous NLSY97 documentation has mentioned Interest Finder variables. When will these variables be available on the NLSY97 data file?

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