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Audrey Light (4/94) "Transitions from School to Work: A Survey of Research Using the National Longitudinal Surveys."

The person who completes his or her desired level of schooling and immediately begins a career of continuous employment is not representative of the entire youth population. For many young people, the transition from school to work is far less "clean." Consider the following aspects of the school-to-work transition:

This report surveys the literature that uses data from the National Longitudinal Surveys of Labor Market Experience (NLS) to analyze transitions from school to work. The phenomena described above — work while in school, participation in job training, reenrollment in school, job search, and nonemployment — are given a considerable amount of attention in this literature. However, these phenomena are intrinsically related to such broader issues as skill acquisition (including the costs of and benefits to schooling), the determinants of earnings, and job mobility. As a result, the "school-to-work literature" encompasses all of these areas.

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