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Symposium of the U.S. Statistical Agencies—Statistics2013

International Year of Statistics - 2013 Several U.S. agencies organized a symposium to celebrate the International Year of Statistics 2013. The symposium took place on November 13 and 14, 2013 at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The goals of the symposium were twofold:

The symposium speakers presented an overview of statistical methodologies and how they can be applied to diverse applications in econometrics, demography, medicine, agriculture, energy, transportation, and more. Over 300 people from a diverse background of users and consumers of government statistics, data, and analyses attended the event.

Information on the sessions and links to the slides (where available) are given below. You can download the Symposium Program Book here.

Click here to listen to Erica Groshen's interview on Federal News Radio (December 12, 2013), where she talks about the Symposium of the U.S. Statistical Agencies.


Opening Remarks, Erica Groshen Commissioner, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

November 13—Statistics for Economists

November 13—Statistics in Health

November 13—Career Choices in Statistics

November 14—Statistics for Journalists

November 14—Statistics in the New Media Era

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