Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) Respondents

The CE and the Consumer Price Index


How CE data are used in the CPI

  1. The BLS combines the spending information from respondents across the country to see how much is spent on each type of item.
  2. All reported expenses are used to estimate how much urban households spend on each item.
  3. These estimates are used to construct the market basket which contains a representative sample of expenses.
  4. The BLS conducts another survey to find out where consumers purchased items in the market basket.
  5. BLS data collectors visit housing units and a sample of the identified stores to obtain current price information on about 80,000 items each month across the country.
  6. The BLS combines the information about the items purchased, the expenditures on these items, and their current prices to calculate the CPI.

Importance of the CPI

The CPI affects nearly all Americans by:

Last Modified Date: April 7, 2011

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