Consumer Expenditure Survey

Value of the Consumer Expenditure Survey

The information provided by the Consumer Expenditure (CE) survey is invaluable. Although the main use is to update the Consumer Price Index, it is also used in many other important ways.

Government and private agencies use the data to look at spending patterns of specific groups of people, such as those over 65, or low-income households. This information is used to make important decisions affecting these groups.

Policymakers use the data to study the impact of policy changes on different socioeconomic groups.

Researchers use the Consumer Expenditure data to look at a wide range of topics. Some of these research studies look at spending behavior of different types of families, spending on various products (including newly-introduced goods and services), and gift-giving behavior. Market researchers find the data useful in analyzing consumer or business interest in groups of goods and services.

Some Uses of CE Data

Last Modified Date: August 26, 2014

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