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Why Should I Participate In This Survey?


Understanding today's labor market is important to business

Your participation is critical to the quality and accuracy of our statistics.

How Can I Use the Data?

What are some important uses of the Occupational Employment Statistics survey?

Job Seekers

Data about wages are used to:

Data about employment are used to:


OES data assist analysts in measuring employment composition and wage structures of industries within States, as well as Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). OES data are also used to compare occupational wages between geographic area and across industries.

OES Survey data are useful for determining the reasons for employment changes, including the impact of technology, new product development, geographic shifts in industries, and the availability of specific types of skilled workers such as those related to national defense.

OES data is timely and relevant. Here are some ways the data are being used today:


A partial list of organizations that use the data

Last Modified Date: November 22, 2010

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