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    New York includes the following metropolitan areas for which an Economy At A Glance table is available:

    News Releases and Tables

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    Inflation and Consumer Spending

    Consumer Price Index

    News Releases
    Data tables

    Average Energy Prices News Release

    Consumer Spending News Release

    Employment and Unemployment

    Current Employment Statistics

    News Release
    Data tables (Historical Nonfarm Employment)

    Local Area Unemployment Statistics

    Data Tables

    Current Population Survey News Releases

    Business Employment Dynamics News Release

    Mass Layoff Statistics

    News release
    Data table

    Pay and Benefits

    Employment Cost Index

    News Release
    Data Table

    Employer Costs for Employee Compensation

    News Release

    Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages News Releases

    Current Employment Statistics News Release

    Current Population Survey News Release

    Occupational Employment and Wages

    News Releases
    Data Table

    Occupational Employment and Wages data are also available for other New York areas.

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