Office of Field Operations

The BLS Regional Offices are located in seven cities across the U.S. The Regional Office staff collect data to support the Bureau's statistical programs. In addition to the seven Regional Office cities, BLS has full-time economists in 20 other U.S. metropolitan areas. Part-time staff are stationed in 95 cities across the U.S. {list of BLS regional duty stations}

Entry level Economist positions (GS 5 or 7) for BLS Regional Office vacancies require a rating, the same as for positions in the BLS national office. The current rating method is under review. If you previously received a rating based on the Economist assessment test administered by OPM, that rating is good for one year without reapplying. Otherwise, submit your application as specified on the job announcement and you will be contacted if there are additional requirements. For more information on the rating process for BLS economist positions you may contact the BLS Workforce Staffing and Recruitment Branch on 1-800-827-5334 during business hours (8:15am-4:45pm ET) or by email.

BLS regional offices also have opportunities for part-time employment for qualified candidates collecting data used to develop the Consumer Price Index. Retirees looking to supplement their income, parents looking to re-enter the professional workforce on a part-time basis, and/or other qualified candidates looking for part-time work may be interested in these positions. A description of duties, qualifications, and other information about the position is provided.

More information on working for BLS is available from the national office jobs page.

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Regional Locations/Organization

Regional Job Openings:

Full-Time Positions

Job Title/Region Series/Grade Opening Date Closing Date

Few vacancies - Boston, MA

GS-0110-07/07 10/30/15 04/30/16

Few vacancies - New York, NY

GS-0110-07/07 12/21/15 06/17/16

Few vacancies - Boston, MA

GS-1530-07/07 01/05/16 07/05/16

Indefinite Postings

For information on openings in specific regions contact us by email or call (202) 691-5794. Note that the links provided in the table below are the announcements at the USAJOBS site.

Job Title/Region Series/Grade Opening Date Closing Date
No Current Announcements -- -- --

Part-Time Positions

Job Title/Region Series/Grade Opening Date Closing Date
Economist Assistant
Multiple duty locations
GS-0119-05/07 02/02/16 02/16/16
Economic Assistant
One vacancy - Boston, MA
GS-0119-05/05 02/03/16 02/16/16
Economic Assistant
Few vacancies - Rochester, NY
GS-0119-05/05 02/05/16 02/18/16

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