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State and Area CES Series Code Structure Under NAICS

The structure of the series code for the LABSTAT database, under the new statistical area definitions is the same as for the ones under the old definitions, except for the addition of an extra digit to accommodate the new 5-digit area codes.

Example of series code format for the State and area series under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS):

Series: SMU08000004322000001

Positions Value Field Name
1-2 SM Prefix (SM refers to State and metropolitan area series)
3 U Seasonal Adjustment Code (S is for seasonally adjusted, U for unadjusted)
4-5 08 State Code
6-10 00000 Area Code
11-12 43 Supersector Code
13-18 220000 Industry Code **
19-20 01 Data Type Code

** Linked file contains 8 digit codes that include both the 2-digit supersector code and the 6-digit industry code (positions 11-18).

CES Industry Codes for Aggregate Levels

The following codes are for CES aggregate levels under NAICS. Supersectors and higher level aggregations are made up of the 2-digit supersector code plus '000000.' Detailed industry codes are comprised of the 2-digit supersector code followed by a 6-digit industry code. Trailing zeroes are used as place holders if the NAICS industry code has fewer than six digits, as shown with the 2-digit sectors below.

* = CES Levels

= Some States have chosen to combine supersectors 10 and 20 where Mining and Logging is a small industry.

Last Modified Date: March 14, 2016

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