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American Time Use Survey — 2013 Microdata Files

This page includes links to the 2013 ATUS microdata files and supporting documentation. Researchers can use the ATUS microdata files to produce their own time-use estimates or do other analyses. Each ZIP file contains a data file along with computer programs that will read the data file into SAS, SPSS, and Stata. The data files are in CSV-format (comma-separated values). NOTE: After the 2013 ATUS data release, ATUS staff will no longer generate computer programs to read the ATUS data files into older versions of SPSS that truncate variable name lengths to eight characters or less. If you are using this older version of SPSS and have concerns or questions, please contact ATUS staff.

The microdata files do not contain time-use estimates. Tables showing time-use estimates for major activity categories, selected detailed activities, and selected demographic and labor force characteristics are available on the ATUS Web site under the headings News Releases, Charts and Tables.

NOTE: Some agencies of the federal government—including the Bureau of Labor Statistics—were shut down or operating at reduced staffing levels from October 1, 2013 through October 16, 2013. Information on how the shutdown affected the ATUS is available here.

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Basic ATUS Data

2013 Basic ATUS Data Dictionaries (PDF Files)

2013 Basic ATUS Data Files

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2013 Additional ATUS Data Dictionaries (PDF Files)

2013 Additional ATUS Data Files

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