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Texas, Total Nonfarm, Seasonally adjusted - SMS48000000000000001
Texas, Mining and Logging, Seasonally adjusted - SMS48000001000000001
Texas, Construction, Seasonally adjusted - SMS48000002000000001
Texas, Manufacturing, Seasonally adjusted - SMS48000003000000001
Texas, Trade, Transportation, and Utilities, Seasonally adjusted - SMS48000004000000001
Texas, Information, Seasonally adjusted - SMS48000005000000001
Texas, Financial Activities, Seasonally adjusted - SMS48000005500000001
Texas, Professional and Business Services, Seasonally adjusted - SMS48000006000000001
Texas, Education and Health Services, Seasonally adjusted - SMS48000006500000001
Texas, Leisure and Hospitality, Seasonally adjusted - SMS48000007000000001
Texas, Other Services, Seasonally adjusted - SMS48000008000000001
Texas, Government, Seasonally adjusted - SMS48000009000000001
Texas, Total Nonfarm, Not seasonally adjusted - SMU48000000000000001
Texas, Mining and Logging, Not seasonally adjusted - SMU48000001000000001
Texas, Construction, Not seasonally adjusted - SMU48000002000000001
Texas, Manufacturing, Not seasonally adjusted - SMU48000003000000001
Texas, Trade, Transportation, and Utilities, Not seasonally adjusted - SMU48000004000000001
Texas, Information, Not seasonally adjusted - SMU48000005000000001
Texas, Financial Activities, Not seasonally adjusted - SMU48000005500000001
Texas, Professional and Business Services, Not seasonally adjusted - SMU48000006000000001
Texas, Education and Health Services, Not seasonally adjusted - SMU48000006500000001
Texas, Leisure and Hospitality, Not seasonally adjusted - SMU48000007000000001
Texas, Other Services, Not seasonally adjusted - SMU48000008000000001
Texas, Government, Not seasonally adjusted - SMU48000009000000001