QCEW Field Layouts for SIC-Based, Annual CSV Files

This table describes the file layout for SIC-based, CSV files containing annual averages. There are three types of annual CSV files. There are annual files by area, by industry, and as a singlefiles. These files are available from the historical SIC-Based Data Files Table. The quarterly CSV files have several title fields. These fields, fields #9 through #13, are excluded from the singlefiles. The SIC codes are stored in these files with an "SIC_" prefix. This prefix extends the length of the industry_code field to 10 characters.

The table below is available as an Excel workbook (.xlsx), a comma separated values file (.csv), and as a flat, text file (.txt). Click the links below to download.

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QCEW CSV Quarterly Files Field Table
1 area_fips Text 5 5-character FIPS code
2 own_code Numeric 1 1-digit Ownership code
3 industry_code Text 10 10-character Industry Code (SIC) (Max 10 Characters)
4 agglvl_code Numeric 2 2-digit aggregation level code
5 size_code Numeric 1 1-digit size code
6 year Numeric 4 4-digit year
7 qtr Text 1 1-character quarter (always A for annual)
8 disclosure_code Text 1 1-character disclosure code (either ' '(blank) or 'N' not disclosed)
9 area_title Text 80 Multi-character area title associated with the area's FIPS (Excluded from singlefile)
10 own_title Text 80 Multi-character ownership title associated with the ownership code (Excluded from singlefile)
11 industry_title Text 80 Multi-character industry title associated with the industry code (Excluded from singlefile)
12 agglvl_title Text 80 Multi-character aggregation title associated with the agglvl code (Excluded from singlefile)
13 size_title Text 80 Multi-character size title associated with the size code (Excluded from singlefile)
14 annual_avg_estabs_count Numeric 8 Annual average of quarterly establishment counts for a given year
15 annual_avg_emplvl Numeric 9 Annual average of monthly employment levels for a given year
16 total_annual_wages Numeric 15 Sum of the four quarterly total wage levels for a given year
17 taxable_annual_wages Numeric 15 Sum of the four quarterly total taxable wage totals for a given year
18 annual_contributions Numeric 13 Sum of the four quarterly contribution totals for a given year
19 annual_avg_wkly_wage Numeric 8 Average weekly wage based on the 12-monthly employment levels and total annual wage levels
20 avg_annual_pay Numeric 8 Average annual pay based on employment and wage levels for a given year


Last Modified Date: December 2, 2014