SIC_0Z 0Z All Industries SIC_0A 0A Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Division SIC_0B 0B Mining Division SIC_0C 0C Construction Division SIC_0D 0D Manufacturing Division SIC_0E 0E Transportation and Public Utilities Division SIC_0F 0F Wholesale Trade Division SIC_0G 0G Retail Trade Division SIC_0H 0H Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Division SIC_0I 0I Services Division SIC_0J 0J Public Administration Division SIC_0K 0K Nonclassifiable Establishments SIC_0A01 0A01 SIC 01 Agricultural Production Crops SIC_0A011 0A011 SIC 011 Cash Grains SIC_0A0111 0A0111 SIC 0111 Wheat SIC_0A0112 0A0112 SIC 0112 Rice SIC_0A0115 0A0115 SIC 0115 Corn SIC_0A0116 0A0116 SIC 0116 Soybeans SIC_0A0119 0A0119 SIC 0119 Cash grains, nec SIC_0A013 0A013 SIC 013 Field Crops, Except Cash Grains SIC_0A0131 0A0131 SIC 0131 Cotton SIC_0A0132 0A0132 SIC 0132 Tobacco SIC_0A0133 0A0133 SIC 0133 Sugarcane and sugar beets SIC_0A0134 0A0134 SIC 0134 Irish potatoes SIC_0A0139 0A0139 SIC 0139 Field crops, except cash grains, nec SIC_0A016 0A016 SIC 016 Vegetables and Melons SIC_0A0161 0A0161 SIC 0161 Vegetables and melons SIC_0A017 0A017 SIC 017 Fruits and Tree Nuts SIC_0A0171 0A0171 SIC 0171 Berry crops SIC_0A0172 0A0172 SIC 0172 Grapes SIC_0A0173 0A0173 SIC 0173 Tree nuts SIC_0A0174 0A0174 SIC 0174 Citrus fruits SIC_0A0175 0A0175 SIC 0175 Deciduous tree fruits SIC_0A0179 0A0179 SIC 0179 Fruits and tree nuts, nec SIC_0A018 0A018 SIC 018 Horticultural Specialties SIC_0A0181 0A0181 SIC 0181 Ornamental nursery products SIC_0A0182 0A0182 SIC 0182 Food crops grown under cover SIC_0A0189 0A0189 1972 SIC 0189 Horticultural Specialties, Nec SIC_0A019 0A019 SIC 019 General Farms, Primarily Crop SIC_0A0191 0A0191 SIC 0191 General farms, primarily crop SIC_0A02 0A02 SIC 02 Agricultural Production Livestock SIC_0A021 0A021 SIC 021 Livestock, Except Dairy and Poultry SIC_0A0211 0A0211 SIC 0211 Beef cattle feedlots SIC_0A0212 0A0212 SIC 0212 Beef cattle, except feedlots SIC_0A0213 0A0213 SIC 0213 Hogs SIC_0A0214 0A0214 SIC 0214 Sheep and goats SIC_0A0219 0A0219 SIC 0219 General livestock, nec SIC_0A024 0A024 SIC 024 Dairy Farms SIC_0A0241 0A0241 SIC 0241 Dairy farms SIC_0A025 0A025 SIC 025 Poultry and Eggs SIC_0A0251 0A0251 SIC 0251 Broiler, fryer, and roaster chickens SIC_0A0252 0A0252 SIC 0252 Chicken eggs SIC_0A0253 0A0253 SIC 0253 Turkeys and turkey eggs SIC_0A0254 0A0254 SIC 0254 Poultry hatcheries SIC_0A0259 0A0259 SIC 0259 Poultry and eggs, nec SIC_0A027 0A027 SIC 027 Animal Specialties SIC_0A0271 0A0271 SIC 0271 Fur-bearing animals and rabbits SIC_0A0272 0A0272 SIC 0272 Horses and other equines SIC_0A0273 0A0273 SIC 0273 Animal aquaculture SIC_0A0279 0A0279 SIC 0279 Animal specialties, nec SIC_0A029 0A029 SIC 029 General Farms, Primarily Animal SIC_0A0291 0A0291 SIC 0291 General farms, primarily animal SIC_0A07 0A07 SIC 07 Agricultural Services SIC_0A071 0A071 SIC 071 Soil Preparation Services SIC_0A0711 0A0711 SIC 0711 Soil preparation services SIC_0A072 0A072 SIC 072 Crop Services SIC_0A0721 0A0721 SIC 0721 Crop planting and protecting SIC_0A0722 0A0722 SIC 0722 Crop harvesting SIC_0A0723 0A0723 SIC 0723 Crop preparation services for market SIC_0A0724 0A0724 SIC 0724 Cotton ginning SIC_0A0729 0A0729 1972 SIC 0729 General Crop Services SIC_0A074 0A074 SIC 074 Veterinary Services SIC_0A0740 0A0740 SIC 0740 Veterinary Services SIC_0A0741 0A0741 SIC 0741 Veterinary services for livestock SIC_0A0742 0A0742 SIC 0742 Veterinary services, specialties SIC_0A075 0A075 SIC 075 Animal Services, Except Veterinary SIC_0A0751 0A0751 SIC 0751 Livestock services, exc. veterinary SIC_0A0752 0A0752 SIC 0752 Animal specialty services SIC_0A076 0A076 SIC 076 Farm Labor and Management Services SIC_0A0761 0A0761 SIC 0761 Farm labor contractors SIC_0A0762 0A0762 SIC 0762 Farm management services SIC_0A078 0A078 SIC 078 Landscape and Horticultural Services SIC_0A0780 0A0780 SIC 0780 Landscape and Horticultural Services SIC_0A0781 0A0781 SIC 0781 Landscape counseling and planning SIC_0A0782 0A0782 SIC 0782 Lawn and garden services SIC_0A0783 0A0783 SIC 0783 Ornamental shrub and tree services SIC_0A08 0A08 SIC 08 Forestry SIC_0A081 0A081 SIC 081 Timber Tracts SIC_0A0811 0A0811 SIC 0811 Timber tracts SIC_0A082 0A082 1972 SIC 082 Forest Nurseries and Seed Gathering SIC_0A0821 0A0821 1972 SIC 0821 Forest Nurseries and Seed Gathering SIC_0A083 0A083 SIC 083 Forest Products SIC_0A0831 0A0831 SIC 0831 Forest products SIC_0A084 0A084 1972 SIC 084 Gathering of Misc. Forest Products SIC_0A0843 0A0843 1972 SIC 0843 Extraction of Pine Gum SIC_0A0849 0A0849 1972 SIC 0849 Gathering of Forest Products, Nec SIC_0A085 0A085 SIC 085 Forestry Services SIC_0A0851 0A0851 SIC 0851 Forestry services SIC_0A09 0A09 SIC 09 Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping SIC_0A091 0A091 SIC 091 Commercial Fishing SIC_0A0912 0A0912 SIC 0912 Finfish SIC_0A0913 0A0913 SIC 0913 Shellfish SIC_0A0919 0A0919 SIC 0919 Miscellaneous marine products SIC_0A092 0A092 SIC 092 Fish Hatcheries and Preserves SIC_0A0921 0A0921 SIC 0921 Fish hatcheries and preserves SIC_0A097 0A097 SIC 097 Hunting, Trapping, Game Propagation SIC_0A0971 0A0971 SIC 0971 Hunting, trapping, game propagation SIC_0B10 0B10 SIC 10 Metal Mining SIC_0B101 0B101 SIC 101 Iron Ores SIC_0B1011 0B1011 SIC 1011 Iron ores SIC_0B102 0B102 SIC 102 Copper Ores SIC_0B1021 0B1021 SIC 1021 Copper ores SIC_0B103 0B103 SIC 103 Lead and Zinc Ores SIC_0B1031 0B1031 SIC 1031 Lead and zinc ores SIC_0B104 0B104 SIC 104 Gold and Silver Ores SIC_0B1041 0B1041 SIC 1041 Gold ores SIC_0B1044 0B1044 SIC 1044 Silver ores SIC_0B105 0B105 1972 SIC 105 Bauxite and Other Aluminum Ores SIC_0B1051 0B1051 1972 SIC 1051 Bauxite and Other Aluminum Ores SIC_0B106 0B106 SIC 106 Ferroalloy Ores, Except Vanadium SIC_0B1061 0B1061 SIC 1061 Ferroalloy ores, except vanadium SIC_0B108 0B108 SIC 108 Metal Mining Services SIC_0B1081 0B1081 SIC 1081 Metal mining services SIC_0B109 0B109 SIC 109 Miscellaneous Metal Ores SIC_0B1092 0B1092 1972 SIC 1092 Mercury Ores SIC_0B1094 0B1094 SIC 1094 Uranium-radium-vanadium ores SIC_0B1099 0B1099 SIC 1099 Metal ores, nec SIC_0B11 0B11 1972 SIC 11 Anthracite Mining SIC_0B111 0B111 1972 SIC 111 Anthracite Mining SIC_0B1111 0B1111 1972 SIC 1111 Anthracite SIC_0B1112 0B1112 1972 SIC 1112 Anthracite Mining Services SIC_0B12 0B12 SIC 12 Coal Mining SIC_0B121 0B121 1972 SIC 121 Bituminous Coal and Lignite Mining SIC_0B1211 0B1211 1972 SIC 1211 Bituminous Coal and Lignite SIC_0B1213 0B1213 1972 SIC 1213 Bituminous & Lignite Mining Services SIC_0B122 0B122 SIC 122 Bituminous Coal and Lignite Mining SIC_0B1221 0B1221 SIC 1221 Bituminous coal and lignite surface SIC_0B1222 0B1222 SIC 1222 Bituminous coal underground SIC_0B123 0B123 SIC 123 Anthracite Mining SIC_0B1231 0B1231 SIC 1231 Anthracite mining SIC_0B124 0B124 SIC 124 Coal Mining Services SIC_0B1241 0B1241 SIC 1241 Coal mining services SIC_0B13 0B13 SIC 13 Oil and Gas Extraction SIC_0B131 0B131 SIC 131 Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas SIC_0B1311 0B1311 SIC 1311 Crude petroleum and natural gas SIC_0B132 0B132 SIC 132 Natural Gas Liquids SIC_0B1321 0B1321 SIC 1321 Natural gas liquids SIC_0B138 0B138 SIC 138 Oil and Gas Field Services SIC_0B1381 0B1381 SIC 1381 Drilling oil and gas wells SIC_0B1382 0B1382 SIC 1382 Oil and gas exploration services SIC_0B1389 0B1389 SIC 1389 Oil and gas field services, nec SIC_0B14 0B14 SIC 14 Nonmetallic Minerals, Except Fuels SIC_0B141 0B141 SIC 141 Dimension Stone SIC_0B1411 0B1411 SIC 1411 Dimension stone SIC_0B142 0B142 SIC 142 Crushed and Broken Stone SIC_0B1422 0B1422 SIC 1422 Crushed and broken limestone SIC_0B1423 0B1423 SIC 1423 Crushed and broken granite SIC_0B1429 0B1429 SIC 1429 Crushed and broken stone, nec SIC_0B144 0B144 SIC 144 Sand and Gravel SIC_0B1442 0B1442 SIC 1442 Construction sand and gravel SIC_0B1446 0B1446 SIC 1446 Industrial sand SIC_0B145 0B145 SIC 145 Clay, Ceramic, & Refractory Minerals SIC_0B1452 0B1452 1972 SIC 1452 Bentonite SIC_0B1453 0B1453 1972 SIC 1453 Fire Clay SIC_0B1454 0B1454 1972 SIC 1454 Fullers Earth SIC_0B1455 0B1455 SIC 1455 Kaolin and ball clay SIC_0B1459 0B1459 SIC 1459 Clay and related minerals, nec SIC_0B147 0B147 SIC 147 Chemical and Fertilizer Minerals SIC_0B1472 0B1472 1972 SIC 1472 Barite SIC_0B1473 0B1473 1972 SIC 1473 Fluorspar SIC_0B1474 0B1474 SIC 1474 Potash, soda, and borate minerals SIC_0B1475 0B1475 SIC 1475 Phosphate rock SIC_0B1476 0B1476 1972 SIC 1476 Rock Salt SIC_0B1477 0B1477 1972 SIC 1477 Sulfur SIC_0B1479 0B1479 SIC 1479 Chemical and fertilizer mining, nec SIC_0B148 0B148 SIC 148 Nonmetallic Minerals Services SIC_0B1481 0B1481 SIC 1481 Nonmetallic minerals services SIC_0B149 0B149 SIC 149 Miscellaneous Nonmetallic Minerals SIC_0B1492 0B1492 1972 SIC 1492 Gypsum SIC_0B1496 0B1496 1972 SIC 1496 Talc, Soapstone, and Pyrophyllite SIC_0B1499 0B1499 SIC 1499 Miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals SIC_0C15 0C15 SIC 15 General Building Contractors SIC_0C152 0C152 SIC 152 Residential Building Construction SIC_0C1520 0C1520 SIC 1520 Residential Building Construction SIC_0C1521 0C1521 SIC 1521 Single-family housing construction SIC_0C1522 0C1522 SIC 1522 Residential construction, nec SIC_0C153 0C153 SIC 153 Operative Builders SIC_0C1531 0C1531 SIC 1531 Operative builders SIC_0C154 0C154 SIC 154 Nonresidential Building Construction SIC_0C1540 0C1540 SIC 1540 Nonresidential Building Construction SIC_0C1541 0C1541 SIC 1541 Industrial buildings and warehouses SIC_0C1542 0C1542 SIC 1542 Nonresidential construction, nec SIC_0C16 0C16 SIC 16 Heavy Construction, ex. Building SIC_0C161 0C161 SIC 161 Highway and Street Construction SIC_0C1611 0C1611 SIC 1611 Highway and street construction SIC_0C162 0C162 SIC 162 Heavy Construction, Except Highway SIC_0C1622 0C1622 SIC 1622 Bridge, tunnel, & elevated highway SIC_0C1623 0C1623 SIC 1623 Water, sewer, and utility lines SIC_0C1629 0C1629 SIC 1629 Heavy construction, nec SIC_0C17 0C17 SIC 17 Special Trade Contractors SIC_0C171 0C171 SIC 171 Plumbing, Heating, Air-Conditioning SIC_0C1711 0C1711 SIC 1711 Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning SIC_0C172 0C172 SIC 172 Painting and Paper Hanging SIC_0C1721 0C1721 SIC 1721 Painting and paper hanging SIC_0C173 0C173 SIC 173 Electrical Work SIC_0C1731 0C1731 SIC 1731 Electrical work SIC_0C174 0C174 SIC 174 Masonry, Stonework, and Plastering SIC_0C1741 0C1741 SIC 1741 Masonry and other stonework SIC_0C1742 0C1742 SIC 1742 Plastering, drywall, and insulation SIC_0C1743 0C1743 SIC 1743 Terrazzo, tile, marble, mosaic work SIC_0C175 0C175 SIC 175 Carpentry and Floor Work SIC_0C1751 0C1751 SIC 1751 Carpentry work SIC_0C1752 0C1752 SIC 1752 Floor laying and floor work, nec SIC_0C176 0C176 SIC 176 Roofing, Siding, and Sheet Metal Work SIC_0C1761 0C1761 SIC 1761 Roofing, siding, and sheet metal work SIC_0C177 0C177 SIC 177 Concrete Work SIC_0C1771 0C1771 SIC 1771 Concrete work SIC_0C178 0C178 SIC 178 Water Well Drilling SIC_0C1781 0C1781 SIC 1781 Water well drilling SIC_0C179 0C179 SIC 179 Misc. Special Trade Contractors SIC_0C1791 0C1791 SIC 1791 Structural steel erection SIC_0C1793 0C1793 SIC 1793 Glass and glazing work SIC_0C1794 0C1794 SIC 1794 Excavation work SIC_0C1795 0C1795 SIC 1795 Wrecking and demolition work SIC_0C1796 0C1796 SIC 1796 Installing building equipment, nec SIC_0C1799 0C1799 SIC 1799 Special trade contractors, nec SIC_0D20 0D20 SIC 20 Food and Kindred Products SIC_0D201 0D201 SIC 201 Meat Products SIC_0D2011 0D2011 SIC 2011 Meat packing plants SIC_0D2013 0D2013 SIC 2013 Sausages and other prepared meats SIC_0D2015 0D2015 SIC 2015 Poultry slaughtering and processing SIC_0D2016 0D2016 1972 SIC 2016 Poultry Dressing Plants SIC_0D2017 0D2017 1972 SIC 2017 Poultry and Egg Processing SIC_0D202 0D202 SIC 202 Dairy Products SIC_0D2021 0D2021 SIC 2021 Creamery butter SIC_0D2022 0D2022 SIC 2022 Cheese, natural and processed SIC_0D2023 0D2023 SIC 2023 Dry, condensed, evaporated products SIC_0D2024 0D2024 SIC 2024 Ice cream and frozen desserts SIC_0D2026 0D2026 SIC 2026 Fluid milk SIC_0D203 0D203 SIC 203 Preserved Fruits and Vegetables SIC_0D2032 0D2032 SIC 2032 Canned specialties SIC_0D2033 0D2033 SIC 2033 Canned fruits and vegetables SIC_0D2034 0D2034 SIC 2034 Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, soups SIC_0D2035 0D2035 SIC 2035 Pickles, sauces, and salad dressings SIC_0D2037 0D2037 SIC 2037 Frozen fruits and vegetables SIC_0D2038 0D2038 SIC 2038 Frozen specialties, nec SIC_0D204 0D204 SIC 204 Grain Mill Products SIC_0D2041 0D2041 SIC 2041 Flour and other grain mill products SIC_0D2043 0D2043 SIC 2043 Cereal breakfast foods SIC_0D2044 0D2044 SIC 2044 Rice milling SIC_0D2045 0D2045 SIC 2045 Prepared flour mixes and doughs SIC_0D2046 0D2046 SIC 2046 Wet corn milling SIC_0D2047 0D2047 SIC 2047 Dog and cat food SIC_0D2048 0D2048 SIC 2048 Prepared feeds, nec SIC_0D205 0D205 SIC 205 Bakery Products SIC_0D2051 0D2051 SIC 2051 Bread, cake, and related products SIC_0D2052 0D2052 SIC 2052 Cookies and crackers SIC_0D2053 0D2053 SIC 2053 Frozen bakery products, except bread SIC_0D206 0D206 SIC 206 Sugar and Confectionery Products SIC_0D2061 0D2061 SIC 2061 Raw cane sugar SIC_0D2062 0D2062 SIC 2062 Cane sugar refining SIC_0D2063 0D2063 SIC 2063 Beet sugar SIC_0D2064 0D2064 SIC 2064 Candy & other confectionery products SIC_0D2065 0D2065 1972 SIC 2065 Confectionery Products SIC_0D2066 0D2066 SIC 2066 Chocolate and cocoa products SIC_0D2067 0D2067 SIC 2067 Chewing gum SIC_0D2068 0D2068 SIC 2068 Salted and roasted nuts and seeds SIC_0D207 0D207 SIC 207 Fats and Oils SIC_0D2074 0D2074 SIC 2074 Cottonseed oil mills SIC_0D2075 0D2075 SIC 2075 Soybean oil mills SIC_0D2076 0D2076 SIC 2076 Vegetable oil mills, nec SIC_0D2077 0D2077 SIC 2077 Animal and marine fats and oils SIC_0D2079 0D2079 SIC 2079 Edible fats and oils, nec SIC_0D208 0D208 SIC 208 Beverages SIC_0D2082 0D2082 SIC 2082 Malt beverages SIC_0D2083 0D2083 SIC 2083 Malt SIC_0D2084 0D2084 SIC 2084 Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits SIC_0D2085 0D2085 SIC 2085 Distilled and blended liquors SIC_0D2086 0D2086 SIC 2086 Bottled and canned soft drinks SIC_0D2087 0D2087 SIC 2087 Flavoring extracts and syrups, nec SIC_0D209 0D209 SIC 209 Misc. Food and Kindred Products SIC_0D2091 0D2091 SIC 2091 Canned and cured fish and seafoods SIC_0D2092 0D2092 SIC 2092 Fresh or frozen prepared fish SIC_0D2095 0D2095 SIC 2095 Roasted coffee SIC_0D2096 0D2096 SIC 2096 Potato chips and similar snacks SIC_0D2097 0D2097 SIC 2097 Manufactured ice SIC_0D2098 0D2098 SIC 2098 Macaroni and spaghetti SIC_0D2099 0D2099 SIC 2099 Food preparations, nec SIC_0D21 0D21 SIC 21 Tobacco Products SIC_0D211 0D211 SIC 211 Cigarettes SIC_0D2111 0D2111 SIC 2111 Cigarettes SIC_0D212 0D212 SIC 212 Cigars SIC_0D2121 0D2121 SIC 2121 Cigars SIC_0D213 0D213 SIC 213 Chewing and Smoking Tobacco SIC_0D2131 0D2131 SIC 2131 Chewing and smoking tobacco SIC_0D214 0D214 SIC 214 Tobacco Stemming and Redrying SIC_0D2141 0D2141 SIC 2141 Tobacco stemming and redrying SIC_0D22 0D22 SIC 22 Textile Mill Products SIC_0D221 0D221 SIC 221 Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton SIC_0D2211 0D2211 SIC 2211 Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton SIC_0D222 0D222 SIC 222 Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Manmade SIC_0D2221 0D2221 SIC 2221 Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade SIC_0D223 0D223 SIC 223 Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool SIC_0D2231 0D2231 SIC 2231 Broadwoven fabric mills, wool SIC_0D224 0D224 SIC 224 Narrow Fabric Mills SIC_0D2241 0D2241 SIC 2241 Narrow fabric mills SIC_0D225 0D225 SIC 225 Knitting Mills SIC_0D2251 0D2251 SIC 2251 Women''s hosiery, except socks SIC_0D2252 0D2252 SIC 2252 Hosiery, nec SIC_0D2253 0D2253 SIC 2253 Knit outerwear mills SIC_0D2254 0D2254 SIC 2254 Knit underwear mills SIC_0D2257 0D2257 SIC 2257 Weft knit fabric mills SIC_0D2258 0D2258 SIC 2258 Lace & warp knit fabric mills SIC_0D2259 0D2259 SIC 2259 Knitting mills, nec SIC_0D226 0D226 SIC 226 Textile Finishing, Except Wool SIC_0D2261 0D2261 SIC 2261 Finishing plants, cotton SIC_0D2262 0D2262 SIC 2262 Finishing plants, manmade SIC_0D2269 0D2269 SIC 2269 Finishing plants, nec SIC_0D227 0D227 SIC 227 Carpets and Rugs SIC_0D2271 0D2271 1972 SIC 2271 Woven Carpets and Rugs SIC_0D2272 0D2272 1972 SIC 2272 Tufted Carpets and Rugs SIC_0D2273 0D2273 SIC 2273 Carpets and rugs SIC_0D2279 0D2279 1972 SIC 2279 Carpets and Rugs, Nec SIC_0D228 0D228 SIC 228 Yarn and Thread Mills SIC_0D2281 0D2281 SIC 2281 Yarn spinning mills SIC_0D2282 0D2282 SIC 2282 Throwing and winding mills SIC_0D2283 0D2283 1972 SIC 2283 Wool Yarn Mills SIC_0D2284 0D2284 SIC 2284 Thread mills SIC_0D229 0D229 SIC 229 Miscellaneous Textile Goods SIC_0D2291 0D2291 1972 SIC 2291 Felt Goods, Exc. Woven Felts & Hats SIC_0D2292 0D2292 1972 SIC 2292 Lace Goods SIC_0D2293 0D2293 1972 SIC 2293 Paddings and Upholstery Filling SIC_0D2294 0D2294 1972 SIC 2294 Processed Textile Waste SIC_0D2295 0D2295 SIC 2295 Coated fabrics, not rubberized SIC_0D2296 0D2296 SIC 2296 Tire cord and fabrics SIC_0D2297 0D2297 SIC 2297 Nonwoven fabrics SIC_0D2298 0D2298 SIC 2298 Cordage and twine SIC_0D2299 0D2299 SIC 2299 Textile goods, nec SIC_0D23 0D23 SIC 23 Apparel and Other Textile Products SIC_0D231 0D231 SIC 231 Men''s and Boys'' Suits and Coats SIC_0D2311 0D2311 SIC 2311 Men''s and boys'' suits and coats SIC_0D232 0D232 SIC 232 Men''s and Boys'' Furnishings SIC_0D2321 0D2321 SIC 2321 Men''s and boys'' shirts SIC_0D2322 0D2322 SIC 2322 Men''s & boys'' underwear & nightwear SIC_0D2323 0D2323 SIC 2323 Men''s and boys'' neckwear SIC_0D2325 0D2325 SIC 2325 Men''s and boys'' trousers and slacks SIC_0D2326 0D2326 SIC 2326 Men''s and boys'' work clothing SIC_0D2327 0D2327 1972 SIC 2327 Mens and Boys Separate Trousers SIC_0D2328 0D2328 1972 SIC 2328 Mens and Boys Work Clothing SIC_0D2329 0D2329 SIC 2329 Men''s and boys'' clothing, nec SIC_0D233 0D233 SIC 233 Women''s and Misses'' Outerwear SIC_0D2331 0D2331 SIC 2331 Women''s & misses'' blouses & shirts SIC_0D2335 0D2335 SIC 2335 Women''s, junior''s, & misses'' dresses SIC_0D2337 0D2337 SIC 2337 Women''s and misses'' suits and coats SIC_0D2339 0D2339 SIC 2339 Women''s and misses'' outerwear, nec SIC_0D234 0D234 SIC 234 Women''s and Children''s Undergarments SIC_0D2341 0D2341 SIC 2341 Women''s and children''s underwear SIC_0D2342 0D2342 SIC 2342 Bras, girdles, and allied garments SIC_0D235 0D235 SIC 235 Hats, Caps, and Millinery SIC_0D2351 0D2351 1972 SIC 2351 Millinery SIC_0D2352 0D2352 1972 SIC 2352 Hats and Caps, Except Millinery SIC_0D2353 0D2353 SIC 2353 Hats, caps, and millinery SIC_0D236 0D236 SIC 236 Girls'' and Children''s Outerwear SIC_0D2361 0D2361 SIC 2361 Girls'' & children''s dresses, blouses SIC_0D2363 0D2363 1972 SIC 2363 Childrens Coats and Suits SIC_0D2369 0D2369 SIC 2369 Girls'' and children''s outerwear, nec SIC_0D237 0D237 SIC 237 Fur Goods SIC_0D2371 0D2371 SIC 2371 Fur goods SIC_0D238 0D238 SIC 238 Miscellaneous Apparel and Accessories SIC_0D2381 0D2381 SIC 2381 Fabric dress and work gloves SIC_0D2384 0D2384 SIC 2384 Robes and dressing gowns SIC_0D2385 0D2385 SIC 2385 Waterproof outerwear SIC_0D2386 0D2386 SIC 2386 Leather and sheep-lined clothing SIC_0D2387 0D2387 SIC 2387 Apparel belts SIC_0D2389 0D2389 SIC 2389 Apparel and accessories, nec SIC_0D239 0D239 SIC 239 Misc. Fabricated Textile Products SIC_0D2391 0D2391 SIC 2391 Curtains and draperies SIC_0D2392 0D2392 SIC 2392 Housefurnishings, nec SIC_0D2393 0D2393 SIC 2393 Textile bags SIC_0D2394 0D2394 SIC 2394 Canvas and related products SIC_0D2395 0D2395 SIC 2395 Pleating and stitching SIC_0D2396 0D2396 SIC 2396 Automotive and apparel trimmings SIC_0D2397 0D2397 SIC 2397 Schiffli machine embroideries SIC_0D2399 0D2399 SIC 2399 Fabricated textile products, nec SIC_0D24 0D24 SIC 24 Lumber and Wood Products SIC_0D241 0D241 SIC 241 Logging SIC_0D2411 0D2411 SIC 2411 Logging SIC_0D242 0D242 SIC 242 Sawmills and Planing Mills SIC_0D2421 0D2421 SIC 2421 Sawmills and planing mills, general SIC_0D2426 0D2426 SIC 2426 Hardwood dimension & flooring mills SIC_0D2429 0D2429 SIC 2429 Special product sawmills, nec SIC_0D243 0D243 SIC 243 Millwork, Plywood & Structural Members SIC_0D2431 0D2431 SIC 2431 Millwork SIC_0D2434 0D2434 SIC 2434 Wood kitchen cabinets SIC_0D2435 0D2435 SIC 2435 Hardwood veneer and plywood SIC_0D2436 0D2436 SIC 2436 Softwood veneer and plywood SIC_0D2439 0D2439 SIC 2439 Structural wood members, nec SIC_0D244 0D244 SIC 244 Wood Containers SIC_0D2441 0D2441 SIC 2441 Nailed wood boxes and shook SIC_0D2448 0D2448 SIC 2448 Wood pallets and skids SIC_0D2449 0D2449 SIC 2449 Wood containers, nec SIC_0D245 0D245 SIC 245 Wood Buildings and Mobile Homes SIC_0D2451 0D2451 SIC 2451 Mobile homes SIC_0D2452 0D2452 SIC 2452 Prefabricated wood buildings SIC_0D249 0D249 SIC 249 Miscellaneous Wood Products SIC_0D2491 0D2491 SIC 2491 Wood preserving SIC_0D2492 0D2492 1972 SIC 2492 Particleboard SIC_0D2493 0D2493 SIC 2493 Reconstituted wood products SIC_0D2499 0D2499 SIC 2499 Wood products, nec SIC_0D25 0D25 SIC 25 Furniture and Fixtures SIC_0D251 0D251 SIC 251 Household Furniture SIC_0D2511 0D2511 SIC 2511 Wood household furniture SIC_0D2512 0D2512 SIC 2512 Upholstered household furniture SIC_0D2514 0D2514 SIC 2514 Metal household furniture SIC_0D2515 0D2515 SIC 2515 Mattresses and bedsprings SIC_0D2517 0D2517 SIC 2517 Wood TV and radio cabinets SIC_0D2519 0D2519 SIC 2519 Household furniture, nec SIC_0D252 0D252 SIC 252 Office Furniture SIC_0D2521 0D2521 SIC 2521 Wood office furniture SIC_0D2522 0D2522 SIC 2522 Office furniture, except wood SIC_0D253 0D253 SIC 253 Public Building & Related Furniture SIC_0D2531 0D2531 SIC 2531 Public building & related furniture SIC_0D254 0D254 SIC 254 Partitions and Fixtures SIC_0D2541 0D2541 SIC 2541 Wood partitions and fixtures SIC_0D2542 0D2542 SIC 2542 Partitions and fixtures, except wood SIC_0D259 0D259 SIC 259 Miscellaneous Furniture and Fixtures SIC_0D2591 0D2591 SIC 2591 Drapery hardware & blinds & shades SIC_0D2599 0D2599 SIC 2599 Furniture and fixtures, nec SIC_0D26 0D26 SIC 26 Paper and Allied Products SIC_0D261 0D261 SIC 261 Pulp Mills SIC_0D2611 0D2611 SIC 2611 Pulp mills SIC_0D262 0D262 SIC 262 Paper Mills SIC_0D2621 0D2621 SIC 2621 Paper mills SIC_0D263 0D263 SIC 263 Paperboard Mills SIC_0D2631 0D2631 SIC 2631 Paperboard mills SIC_0D264 0D264 1972 SIC 264 Misc. Converted Paper Products SIC_0D2641 0D2641 1972 SIC 2641 Paper Coating and Glazing SIC_0D2642 0D2642 1972 SIC 2642 Envelopes SIC_0D2643 0D2643 1972 SIC 2643 Bags, Except Textile Bags SIC_0D2645 0D2645 1972 SIC 2645 Die-Cut Paper and Board SIC_0D2646 0D2646 1972 SIC 2646 Pressed and Molded Pulp Goods SIC_0D2647 0D2647 1972 SIC 2647 Sanitary Paper Products SIC_0D2648 0D2648 1972 SIC 2648 Stationery Products SIC_0D2649 0D2649 1972 SIC 2649 Converted Paper Products, Nec SIC_0D265 0D265 SIC 265 Paperboard Containers and Boxes SIC_0D2651 0D2651 1972 SIC 2651 Folding Paperboard Boxes SIC_0D2652 0D2652 SIC 2652 Setup paperboard boxes SIC_0D2653 0D2653 SIC 2653 Corrugated and solid fiber boxes SIC_0D2654 0D2654 1972 SIC 2654 Sanitary Food Containers SIC_0D2655 0D2655 SIC 2655 Fiber cans, drums & similar products SIC_0D2656 0D2656 SIC 2656 Sanitary food containers SIC_0D2657 0D2657 SIC 2657 Folding paperboard boxes SIC_0D266 0D266 1972 SIC 266 Building Paper and Board Mills SIC_0D2661 0D2661 1972 SIC 2661 Building Paper and Board Mills SIC_0D267 0D267 SIC 267 Misc. Converted Paper Products SIC_0D2671 0D2671 SIC 2671 Paper coated & laminated, packaging SIC_0D2672 0D2672 SIC 2672 Paper coated and laminated, nec SIC_0D2673 0D2673 SIC 2673 Bags: plastics, laminated, & coated SIC_0D2674 0D2674 SIC 2674 Bags: uncoated paper & multiwall SIC_0D2675 0D2675 SIC 2675 Die-cut paper and board SIC_0D2676 0D2676 SIC 2676 Sanitary paper products SIC_0D2677 0D2677 SIC 2677 Envelopes SIC_0D2678 0D2678 SIC 2678 Stationery products SIC_0D2679 0D2679 SIC 2679 Converted paper products, nec SIC_0D27 0D27 SIC 27 Printing and Publishing SIC_0D271 0D271 SIC 271 Newspapers SIC_0D2711 0D2711 SIC 2711 Newspapers SIC_0D272 0D272 SIC 272 Periodicals SIC_0D2721 0D2721 SIC 2721 Periodicals SIC_0D273 0D273 SIC 273 Books SIC_0D2731 0D2731 SIC 2731 Book publishing SIC_0D2732 0D2732 SIC 2732 Book printing SIC_0D274 0D274 SIC 274 Miscellaneous Publishing SIC_0D2741 0D2741 SIC 2741 Miscellaneous publishing SIC_0D275 0D275 SIC 275 Commercial Printing SIC_0D2751 0D2751 1972 SIC 2751 Commercial Printing, Letterpress SIC_0D2752 0D2752 SIC 2752 Commercial printing, lithographic SIC_0D2753 0D2753 1972 SIC 2753 Engraving and Plate Printing SIC_0D2754 0D2754 SIC 2754 Commercial printing, gravure SIC_0D2759 0D2759 SIC 2759 Commercial printing, nec SIC_0D276 0D276 SIC 276 Manifold Business Forms SIC_0D2761 0D2761 SIC 2761 Manifold business forms SIC_0D277 0D277 SIC 277 Greeting Cards SIC_0D2771 0D2771 SIC 2771 Greeting cards SIC_0D278 0D278 SIC 278 Blankbooks and Bookbinding SIC_0D2782 0D2782 SIC 2782 Blankbooks and looseleaf binders SIC_0D2789 0D2789 SIC 2789 Bookbinding and related work SIC_0D279 0D279 SIC 279 Printing Trade Services SIC_0D2791 0D2791 SIC 2791 Typesetting SIC_0D2793 0D2793 1972 SIC 2793 Photoengraving SIC_0D2794 0D2794 1972 SIC 2794 Electrotyping and Stereotyping SIC_0D2795 0D2795 1972 SIC 2795 Lithographic Platemaking Services SIC_0D2796 0D2796 SIC 2796 Platemaking services SIC_0D28 0D28 SIC 28 Chemicals and Allied Products SIC_0D281 0D281 SIC 281 Industrial Inorganic Chemicals SIC_0D2812 0D2812 SIC 2812 Alkalies and chlorine SIC_0D2813 0D2813 SIC 2813 Industrial gases SIC_0D2816 0D2816 SIC 2816 Inorganic pigments SIC_0D2819 0D2819 SIC 2819 Industrial inorganic chemicals, nec SIC_0D282 0D282 SIC 282 Plastics Materials and Synthetics SIC_0D2821 0D2821 SIC 2821 Plastics materials and resins SIC_0D2822 0D2822 SIC 2822 Synthetic rubber SIC_0D2823 0D2823 SIC 2823 Cellulosic manmade fibers SIC_0D2824 0D2824 SIC 2824 Organic fibers, noncellulosic SIC_0D283 0D283 SIC 283 Drugs SIC_0D2831 0D2831 1972 SIC 2831 Biological Products SIC_0D2833 0D2833 SIC 2833 Medicinals and botanicals SIC_0D2834 0D2834 SIC 2834 Pharmaceutical preparations SIC_0D2835 0D2835 SIC 2835 Diagnostic substances SIC_0D2836 0D2836 SIC 2836 Biological products exc. diagnostic SIC_0D284 0D284 SIC 284 Soap, Cleaners, and Toilet Goods SIC_0D2841 0D2841 SIC 2841 Soap and other detergents SIC_0D2842 0D2842 SIC 2842 Polishes and sanitation goods SIC_0D2843 0D2843 SIC 2843 Surface active agents SIC_0D2844 0D2844 SIC 2844 Toilet preparations SIC_0D285 0D285 SIC 285 Paints and Allied Products SIC_0D2851 0D2851 SIC 2851 Paints and allied products SIC_0D286 0D286 SIC 286 Industrial Organic Chemicals SIC_0D2861 0D2861 SIC 2861 Gum and wood chemicals SIC_0D2865 0D2865 SIC 2865 Cyclic crudes and intermediates SIC_0D2869 0D2869 SIC 2869 Industrial organic chemicals, nec SIC_0D287 0D287 SIC 287 Agricultural Chemicals SIC_0D2873 0D2873 SIC 2873 Nitrogenous fertilizers SIC_0D2874 0D2874 SIC 2874 Phosphatic fertilizers SIC_0D2875 0D2875 SIC 2875 Fertilizers, mixing only SIC_0D2879 0D2879 SIC 2879 Agricultural chemicals, nec SIC_0D289 0D289 SIC 289 Miscellaneous Chemical Products SIC_0D2891 0D2891 SIC 2891 Adhesives and sealants SIC_0D2892 0D2892 SIC 2892 Explosives SIC_0D2893 0D2893 SIC 2893 Printing ink SIC_0D2895 0D2895 SIC 2895 Carbon black SIC_0D2899 0D2899 SIC 2899 Chemical preparations, nec SIC_0D29 0D29 SIC 29 Petroleum and Coal Products SIC_0D291 0D291 SIC 291 Petroleum Refining SIC_0D2911 0D2911 SIC 2911 Petroleum refining SIC_0D295 0D295 SIC 295 Asphalt Paving and Roofing Materials SIC_0D2951 0D2951 SIC 2951 Asphalt paving mixtures and blocks SIC_0D2952 0D2952 SIC 2952 Asphalt felts and coatings SIC_0D299 0D299 SIC 299 Misc. Petroleum and Coal Products SIC_0D2992 0D2992 SIC 2992 Lubricating oils and greases SIC_0D2999 0D2999 SIC 2999 Petroleum and coal products, nec SIC_0D30 0D30 SIC 30 Rubber and Misc. Plastics Products SIC_0D301 0D301 SIC 301 Tires and Inner Tubes SIC_0D3011 0D3011 SIC 3011 Tires and inner tubes SIC_0D302 0D302 SIC 302 Rubber and Plastics Footwear SIC_0D3021 0D3021 SIC 3021 Rubber and plastics footwear SIC_0D303 0D303 1972 SIC 303 Reclaimed Rubber SIC_0D3031 0D3031 1972 SIC 3031 Reclaimed Rubber SIC_0D304 0D304 1972 SIC 304 Rubber and Plastics Hose and Belting SIC_0D3041 0D3041 1972 SIC 3041 Rubber and Plastics Hose and Belting SIC_0D305 0D305 SIC 305 Hose & Belting & Gaskets & Packing SIC_0D3052 0D3052 SIC 3052 Rubber & plastics hose & belting SIC_0D3053 0D3053 SIC 3053 Gaskets, packing and sealing devices SIC_0D306 0D306 SIC 306 Fabricated Rubber Products, NEC SIC_0D3061 0D3061 SIC 3061 Mechanical rubber goods SIC_0D3069 0D3069 SIC 3069 Fabricated rubber products, nec SIC_0D307 0D307 1972 SIC 307 Miscellaneous Plastics Products SIC_0D3079 0D3079 1972 SIC 3079 Miscellaneous Plastics Products SIC_0D308 0D308 SIC 308 Miscellaneous Plastics Products, NEC SIC_0D3081 0D3081 SIC 3081 Unsupported plastics film & sheet SIC_0D3082 0D3082 SIC 3082 Unsupported plastics profile shapes SIC_0D3083 0D3083 SIC 3083 Laminated plastics plate & sheet SIC_0D3084 0D3084 SIC 3084 Plastics pipe SIC_0D3085 0D3085 SIC 3085 Plastics bottles SIC_0D3086 0D3086 SIC 3086 Plastics foam products SIC_0D3087 0D3087 SIC 3087 Custom compound purchased resins SIC_0D3088 0D3088 SIC 3088 Plastics plumbing fixtures SIC_0D3089 0D3089 SIC 3089 Plastics products, nec SIC_0D31 0D31 SIC 31 Leather and Leather Products SIC_0D311 0D311 SIC 311 Leather Tanning and Finishing SIC_0D3111 0D3111 SIC 3111 Leather tanning and finishing SIC_0D313 0D313 SIC 313 Footwear Cut Stock SIC_0D3131 0D3131 SIC 3131 Footwear cut stock SIC_0D314 0D314 SIC 314 Footwear, Except Rubber SIC_0D3142 0D3142 SIC 3142 House slippers SIC_0D3143 0D3143 SIC 3143 Men''s footwear, except athletic SIC_0D3144 0D3144 SIC 3144 Women''s footwear, except athletic SIC_0D3149 0D3149 SIC 3149 Footwear, except rubber, nec SIC_0D315 0D315 SIC 315 Leather Gloves and Mittens SIC_0D3151 0D3151 SIC 3151 Leather gloves and mittens SIC_0D316 0D316 SIC 316 Luggage SIC_0D3161 0D3161 SIC 3161 Luggage SIC_0D317 0D317 SIC 317 Handbags and Personal Leather Goods SIC_0D3171 0D3171 SIC 3171 Women''s handbags and purses SIC_0D3172 0D3172 SIC 3172 Personal leather goods, nec SIC_0D319 0D319 SIC 319 Leather Goods, NEC SIC_0D3199 0D3199 SIC 3199 Leather goods, nec SIC_0D32 0D32 SIC 32 Stone, Clay, and Glass Products SIC_0D321 0D321 SIC 321 Flat Glass SIC_0D3211 0D3211 SIC 3211 Flat glass SIC_0D322 0D322 SIC 322 Glass and Glassware, Pressed or Blown SIC_0D3221 0D3221 SIC 3221 Glass containers SIC_0D3229 0D3229 SIC 3229 Pressed and blown glass, nec SIC_0D323 0D323 SIC 323 Products of Purchased Glass SIC_0D3231 0D3231 SIC 3231 Products of purchased glass SIC_0D324 0D324 SIC 324 Cement, Hydraulic SIC_0D3241 0D3241 SIC 3241 Cement, hydraulic SIC_0D325 0D325 SIC 325 Structural Clay Products SIC_0D3251 0D3251 SIC 3251 Brick and structural clay tile SIC_0D3253 0D3253 SIC 3253 Ceramic wall and floor tile SIC_0D3255 0D3255 SIC 3255 Clay refractories SIC_0D3259 0D3259 SIC 3259 Structural clay products, nec SIC_0D326 0D326 SIC 326 Pottery and Related Products SIC_0D3261 0D3261 SIC 3261 Vitreous plumbing fixtures SIC_0D3262 0D3262 SIC 3262 Vitreous china table & kitchenware SIC_0D3263 0D3263 SIC 3263 Semivitreous table & kitchenware SIC_0D3264 0D3264 SIC 3264 Porcelain electrical supplies SIC_0D3269 0D3269 SIC 3269 Pottery products, nec SIC_0D327 0D327 SIC 327 Concrete, Gypsum, and Plaster Products SIC_0D3271 0D3271 SIC 3271 Concrete block and brick SIC_0D3272 0D3272 SIC 3272 Concrete products, nec SIC_0D3273 0D3273 SIC 3273 Ready-mixed concrete SIC_0D3274 0D3274 SIC 3274 Lime SIC_0D3275 0D3275 SIC 3275 Gypsum products SIC_0D328 0D328 SIC 328 Cut Stone and Stone Products SIC_0D3281 0D3281 SIC 3281 Cut stone and stone products SIC_0D329 0D329 SIC 329 Misc. Nonmetallic Mineral Products SIC_0D3291 0D3291 SIC 3291 Abrasive products SIC_0D3292 0D3292 SIC 3292 Asbestos products SIC_0D3293 0D3293 1972 SIC 3293 Gaskets, Packing and Sealing Devices SIC_0D3295 0D3295 SIC 3295 Minerals, ground or treated SIC_0D3296 0D3296 SIC 3296 Mineral wool SIC_0D3297 0D3297 SIC 3297 Nonclay refractories SIC_0D3299 0D3299 SIC 3299 Nonmetallic mineral products, nec SIC_0D33 0D33 SIC 33 Primary Metal Industries SIC_0D331 0D331 SIC 331 Blast Furnace and Basic Steel Products SIC_0D3312 0D3312 SIC 3312 Blast furnaces and steel mills SIC_0D3313 0D3313 SIC 3313 Electrometallurgical products SIC_0D3315 0D3315 SIC 3315 Steel wire and related products SIC_0D3316 0D3316 SIC 3316 Cold finishing of steel shapes SIC_0D3317 0D3317 SIC 3317 Steel pipe and tubes SIC_0D332 0D332 SIC 332 Iron and Steel Foundries SIC_0D3321 0D3321 SIC 3321 Gray and ductile iron foundries SIC_0D3322 0D3322 SIC 3322 Malleable iron foundries SIC_0D3324 0D3324 SIC 3324 Steel investment foundries SIC_0D3325 0D3325 SIC 3325 Steel foundries, nec SIC_0D333 0D333 SIC 333 Primary Nonferrous Metals SIC_0D3331 0D3331 SIC 3331 Primary copper SIC_0D3332 0D3332 1972 SIC 3332 Primary Lead SIC_0D3333 0D3333 1972 SIC 3333 Primary Zinc SIC_0D3334 0D3334 SIC 3334 Primary aluminum SIC_0D3339 0D3339 SIC 3339 Primary nonferrous metals, nec SIC_0D334 0D334 SIC 334 Secondary Nonferrous Metals SIC_0D3341 0D3341 SIC 3341 Secondary nonferrous metals SIC_0D335 0D335 SIC 335 Nonferrous Rolling and Drawing SIC_0D3351 0D3351 SIC 3351 Copper rolling and drawing SIC_0D3353 0D3353 SIC 3353 Aluminum sheet, plate, and foil SIC_0D3354 0D3354 SIC 3354 Aluminum extruded products SIC_0D3355 0D3355 SIC 3355 Aluminum rolling and drawing, nec SIC_0D3356 0D3356 SIC 3356 Nonferrous rolling and drawing, nec SIC_0D3357 0D3357 SIC 3357 Nonferrous wiredrawing & insulating SIC_0D336 0D336 SIC 336 Nonferrous Foundries (Castings) SIC_0D3361 0D3361 1972 SIC 3361 Aluminum Foundries SIC_0D3362 0D3362 1972 SIC 3362 Brass, Bronze, and Copper Foundries SIC_0D3363 0D3363 SIC 3363 Aluminum die-castings SIC_0D3364 0D3364 SIC 3364 Nonferrous die-casting exc. aluminum SIC_0D3365 0D3365 SIC 3365 Aluminum foundries SIC_0D3366 0D3366 SIC 3366 Copper foundries SIC_0D3369 0D3369 SIC 3369 Nonferrous foundries, nec SIC_0D339 0D339 SIC 339 Miscellaneous Primary Metal Products SIC_0D3398 0D3398 SIC 3398 Metal heat treating SIC_0D3399 0D3399 SIC 3399 Primary metal products, nec SIC_0D34 0D34 SIC 34 Fabricated Metal Products SIC_0D341 0D341 SIC 341 Metal Cans and Shipping Containers SIC_0D3411 0D3411 SIC 3411 Metal cans SIC_0D3412 0D3412 SIC 3412 Metal barrels, drums, and pails SIC_0D342 0D342 SIC 342 Cutlery, Handtools, and Hardware SIC_0D3421 0D3421 SIC 3421 Cutlery SIC_0D3423 0D3423 SIC 3423 Hand and edge tools, nec SIC_0D3425 0D3425 SIC 3425 Saw blades and handsaws SIC_0D3429 0D3429 SIC 3429 Hardware, nec SIC_0D343 0D343 SIC 343 Plumbing and Heating, Except Electric SIC_0D3431 0D3431 SIC 3431 Metal sanitary ware SIC_0D3432 0D3432 SIC 3432 Plumbing fixture fittings and trim SIC_0D3433 0D3433 SIC 3433 Heating equipment, except electric SIC_0D344 0D344 SIC 344 Fabricated Structural Metal Products SIC_0D3441 0D3441 SIC 3441 Fabricated structural metal SIC_0D3442 0D3442 SIC 3442 Metal doors, sash, and trim SIC_0D3443 0D3443 SIC 3443 Fabricated plate work (boiler shops) SIC_0D3444 0D3444 SIC 3444 Sheet metalwork SIC_0D3446 0D3446 SIC 3446 Architectural metal work SIC_0D3448 0D3448 SIC 3448 Prefabricated metal buildings SIC_0D3449 0D3449 SIC 3449 Miscellaneous metal work SIC_0D345 0D345 SIC 345 Screw Machine Products, Bolts, Etc. SIC_0D3451 0D3451 SIC 3451 Screw machine products SIC_0D3452 0D3452 SIC 3452 Bolts, nuts, rivets, and washers SIC_0D346 0D346 SIC 346 Metal Forgings and Stampings SIC_0D3462 0D3462 SIC 3462 Iron and steel forgings SIC_0D3463 0D3463 SIC 3463 Nonferrous forgings SIC_0D3465 0D3465 SIC 3465 Automotive stampings SIC_0D3466 0D3466 SIC 3466 Crowns and closures SIC_0D3469 0D3469 SIC 3469 Metal stampings, nec SIC_0D347 0D347 SIC 347 Metal Services, NEC SIC_0D3471 0D3471 SIC 3471 Plating and polishing SIC_0D3479 0D3479 SIC 3479 Metal coating and allied services SIC_0D348 0D348 SIC 348 Ordnance and Accessories, NEC SIC_0D3482 0D3482 SIC 3482 Small arms ammunition SIC_0D3483 0D3483 SIC 3483 Ammunition, exc. for small arms, nec SIC_0D3484 0D3484 SIC 3484 Small arms SIC_0D3489 0D3489 SIC 3489 Ordnance and accessories, nec SIC_0D349 0D349 SIC 349 Misc. Fabricated Metal Products SIC_0D3491 0D3491 SIC 3491 Industrial valves SIC_0D3492 0D3492 SIC 3492 Fluid power valves & hose fittings SIC_0D3493 0D3493 SIC 3493 Steel springs, except wire SIC_0D3494 0D3494 SIC 3494 Valves and pipe fittings, nec SIC_0D3495 0D3495 SIC 3495 Wire springs SIC_0D3496 0D3496 SIC 3496 Misc. fabricated wire products SIC_0D3497 0D3497 SIC 3497 Metal foil and leaf SIC_0D3498 0D3498 SIC 3498 Fabricated pipe and fittings SIC_0D3499 0D3499 SIC 3499 Fabricated metal products, nec SIC_0D35 0D35 SIC 35 Industrial Machinery and Equipment SIC_0D351 0D351 SIC 351 Engines and Turbines SIC_0D3511 0D3511 SIC 3511 Turbines and turbine generator sets SIC_0D3519 0D3519 SIC 3519 Internal combustion engines, nec SIC_0D352 0D352 SIC 352 Farm and Garden Machinery SIC_0D3523 0D3523 SIC 3523 Farm machinery and equipment SIC_0D3524 0D3524 SIC 3524 Lawn and garden equipment SIC_0D353 0D353 SIC 353 Construction and Related Machinery SIC_0D3531 0D3531 SIC 3531 Construction machinery SIC_0D3532 0D3532 SIC 3532 Mining machinery SIC_0D3533 0D3533 SIC 3533 Oil and gas field machinery SIC_0D3534 0D3534 SIC 3534 Elevators and moving stairways SIC_0D3535 0D3535 SIC 3535 Conveyors and conveying equipment SIC_0D3536 0D3536 SIC 3536 Hoists, cranes, and monorails SIC_0D3537 0D3537 SIC 3537 Industrial trucks and tractors SIC_0D354 0D354 SIC 354 Metalworking Machinery SIC_0D3541 0D3541 SIC 3541 Machine tools, metal cutting types SIC_0D3542 0D3542 SIC 3542 Machine tools, metal forming types SIC_0D3543 0D3543 SIC 3543 Industrial patterns SIC_0D3544 0D3544 SIC 3544 Special dies, tools, jigs & fixtures SIC_0D3545 0D3545 SIC 3545 Machine tool accessories SIC_0D3546 0D3546 SIC 3546 Power-driven handtools SIC_0D3547 0D3547 SIC 3547 Rolling mill machinery SIC_0D3548 0D3548 SIC 3548 Welding apparatus SIC_0D3549 0D3549 SIC 3549 Metalworking machinery, nec SIC_0D355 0D355 SIC 355 Special Industry Machinery SIC_0D3551 0D3551 1972 SIC 3551 Food Products Machinery SIC_0D3552 0D3552 SIC 3552 Textile machinery SIC_0D3553 0D3553 SIC 3553 Woodworking machinery SIC_0D3554 0D3554 SIC 3554 Paper industries machinery SIC_0D3555 0D3555 SIC 3555 Printing trades machinery SIC_0D3556 0D3556 SIC 3556 Food products machinery SIC_0D3559 0D3559 SIC 3559 Special industry machinery, nec SIC_0D356 0D356 SIC 356 General Industrial Machinery SIC_0D3561 0D3561 SIC 3561 Pumps and pumping equipment SIC_0D3562 0D3562 SIC 3562 Ball and roller bearings SIC_0D3563 0D3563 SIC 3563 Air and gas compressors SIC_0D3564 0D3564 SIC 3564 Blowers and fans SIC_0D3565 0D3565 SIC 3565 Packaging machinery SIC_0D3566 0D3566 SIC 3566 Speed changers, drives, and gears SIC_0D3567 0D3567 SIC 3567 Industrial furnaces and ovens SIC_0D3568 0D3568 SIC 3568 Power transmission equipment, nec SIC_0D3569 0D3569 SIC 3569 General industrial machinery, nec SIC_0D357 0D357 SIC 357 Computer and Office Equipment SIC_0D3571 0D3571 SIC 3571 Electronic computers SIC_0D3572 0D3572 SIC 3572 Computer storage devices SIC_0D3573 0D3573 1972 SIC 3573 Electronic Computing Equipment SIC_0D3574 0D3574 1972 SIC 3574 Calculating and Accounting Machines SIC_0D3575 0D3575 SIC 3575 Computer terminals SIC_0D3576 0D3576 1972 SIC 3576 Scales and Balances, Exc. Laboratory SIC_0D3577 0D3577 SIC 3577 Computer peripheral equipment, nec SIC_0D3578 0D3578 SIC 3578 Calculating and accounting equipment SIC_0D3579 0D3579 SIC 3579 Office machines, nec SIC_0D358 0D358 SIC 358 Refrigeration and Service Machinery SIC_0D3581 0D3581 SIC 3581 Automatic vending machines SIC_0D3582 0D3582 SIC 3582 Commercial laundry equipment SIC_0D3585 0D3585 SIC 3585 Refrigeration and heating equipment SIC_0D3586 0D3586 SIC 3586 Measuring and dispensing pumps SIC_0D3589 0D3589 SIC 3589 Service industry machinery, nec SIC_0D359 0D359 SIC 359 Industrial Machinery, NEC SIC_0D3592 0D3592 SIC 3592 Carburetors, pistons, rings, valves SIC_0D3593 0D3593 SIC 3593 Fluid power cylinders & actuators SIC_0D3594 0D3594 SIC 3594 Fluid power pumps and motors SIC_0D3596 0D3596 SIC 3596 Scales and balances, exc. laboratory SIC_0D3599 0D3599 SIC 3599 Industrial machinery, nec SIC_0D36 0D36 SIC 36 Electronic & Other Electric Equipment SIC_0D361 0D361 SIC 361 Electric Distribution Equipment SIC_0D3612 0D3612 SIC 3612 Transformers, except electronic SIC_0D3613 0D3613 SIC 3613 Switchgear and switchboard apparatus SIC_0D362 0D362 SIC 362 Electrical Industrial Apparatus SIC_0D3621 0D3621 SIC 3621 Motors and generators SIC_0D3622 0D3622 1972 SIC 3622 Industrial Controls SIC_0D3623 0D3623 1972 SIC 3623 Welding Apparatus, Electric SIC_0D3624 0D3624 SIC 3624 Carbon and graphite products SIC_0D3625 0D3625 SIC 3625 Relays and industrial controls SIC_0D3629 0D3629 SIC 3629 Electrical industrial apparatus, nec SIC_0D363 0D363 SIC 363 Household Appliances SIC_0D3631 0D3631 SIC 3631 Household cooking equipment SIC_0D3632 0D3632 SIC 3632 Household refrigerators and freezers SIC_0D3633 0D3633 SIC 3633 Household laundry equipment SIC_0D3634 0D3634 SIC 3634 Electric housewares and fans SIC_0D3635 0D3635 SIC 3635 Household vacuum cleaners SIC_0D3636 0D3636 1972 SIC 3636 Sewing Machines SIC_0D3639 0D3639 SIC 3639 Household appliances, nec SIC_0D364 0D364 SIC 364 Electric Lighting and Wiring Equipment SIC_0D3641 0D3641 SIC 3641 Electric lamps SIC_0D3643 0D3643 SIC 3643 Current-carrying wiring devices SIC_0D3644 0D3644 SIC 3644 Noncurrent-carrying wiring devices SIC_0D3645 0D3645 SIC 3645 Residential lighting fixtures SIC_0D3646 0D3646 SIC 3646 Commercial lighting fixtures SIC_0D3647 0D3647 SIC 3647 Vehicular lighting equipment SIC_0D3648 0D3648 SIC 3648 Lighting equipment, nec SIC_0D365 0D365 SIC 365 Household Audio and Video Equipment SIC_0D3651 0D3651 SIC 3651 Household audio and video equipment SIC_0D3652 0D3652 SIC 3652 Prerecorded records and tapes SIC_0D366 0D366 SIC 366 Communications Equipment SIC_0D3661 0D3661 SIC 3661 Telephone and telegraph apparatus SIC_0D3662 0D3662 1972 SIC 3662 Radio and Tv Communication Equipment SIC_0D3663 0D3663 SIC 3663 Radio & TV communications equipment SIC_0D3669 0D3669 SIC 3669 Communications equipment, nec SIC_0D367 0D367 SIC 367 Electronic Components and Accessories SIC_0D3671 0D3671 SIC 3671 Electron tubes SIC_0D3672 0D3672 SIC 3672 Printed circuit boards SIC_0D3673 0D3673 1972 SIC 3673 Electron Tubes, Transmitting SIC_0D3674 0D3674 SIC 3674 Semiconductors and related devices SIC_0D3675 0D3675 SIC 3675 Electronic capacitors SIC_0D3676 0D3676 SIC 3676 Electronic resistors SIC_0D3677 0D3677 SIC 3677 Electronic coils and transformers SIC_0D3678 0D3678 SIC 3678 Electronic connectors SIC_0D3679 0D3679 SIC 3679 Electronic components, nec SIC_0D369 0D369 SIC 369 Misc. Electrical Equipment & Supplies SIC_0D3691 0D3691 SIC 3691 Storage batteries SIC_0D3692 0D3692 SIC 3692 Primary batteries, dry and wet SIC_0D3693 0D3693 1972 SIC 3693 X-Ray Apparatus and Tubes SIC_0D3694 0D3694 SIC 3694 Engine electrical equipment SIC_0D3695 0D3695 SIC 3695 Magnetic and optical recording media SIC_0D3699 0D3699 SIC 3699 Electrical equipment & supplies, nec SIC_0D37 0D37 SIC 37 Transportation Equipment SIC_0D371 0D371 SIC 371 Motor Vehicles and Equipment SIC_0D3711 0D3711 SIC 3711 Motor vehicles and car bodies SIC_0D3713 0D3713 SIC 3713 Truck and bus bodies SIC_0D3714 0D3714 SIC 3714 Motor vehicle parts and accessories SIC_0D3715 0D3715 SIC 3715 Truck trailers SIC_0D3716 0D3716 SIC 3716 Motor homes SIC_0D372 0D372 SIC 372 Aircraft and Parts SIC_0D3721 0D3721 SIC 3721 Aircraft SIC_0D3724 0D3724 SIC 3724 Aircraft engines and engine parts SIC_0D3728 0D3728 SIC 3728 Aircraft parts and equipment, nec SIC_0D373 0D373 SIC 373 Ship and Boat Building and Repairing SIC_0D3731 0D3731 SIC 3731 Ship building and repairing SIC_0D3732 0D3732 SIC 3732 Boat building and repairing SIC_0D374 0D374 SIC 374 Railroad Equipment SIC_0D3743 0D3743 SIC 3743 Railroad equipment SIC_0D375 0D375 SIC 375 Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Parts SIC_0D3751 0D3751 SIC 3751 Motorcycles, bicycles, and parts SIC_0D376 0D376 SIC 376 Guided Missiles, Space Vehicles, Parts SIC_0D3761 0D3761 SIC 3761 Guided missiles and space vehicles SIC_0D3764 0D3764 SIC 3764 Space propulsion units and parts SIC_0D3769 0D3769 SIC 3769 Space vehicle equipment, nec SIC_0D379 0D379 SIC 379 Miscellaneous Transportation Equipment SIC_0D3792 0D3792 SIC 3792 Travel trailers and campers SIC_0D3795 0D3795 SIC 3795 Tanks and tank components SIC_0D3799 0D3799 SIC 3799 Transportation equipment, nec SIC_0D38 0D38 SIC 38 Instruments and Related Products SIC_0D381 0D381 SIC 381 Search and Navigation Equipment SIC_0D3811 0D3811 1972 SIC 3811 Engineering & Scientific Instruments SIC_0D3812 0D3812 SIC 3812 Search and navigation equipment SIC_0D382 0D382 SIC 382 Measuring and Controlling Devices SIC_0D3821 0D3821 SIC 3821 Laboratory apparatus and furniture SIC_0D3822 0D3822 SIC 3822 Environmental controls SIC_0D3823 0D3823 SIC 3823 Process control instruments SIC_0D3824 0D3824 SIC 3824 Fluid meters and counting devices SIC_0D3825 0D3825 SIC 3825 Instruments to measure electricity SIC_0D3826 0D3826 SIC 3826 Analytical instruments SIC_0D3827 0D3827 SIC 3827 Optical instruments and lenses SIC_0D3829 0D3829 SIC 3829 Measuring & controlling devices, nec SIC_0D383 0D383 1972 SIC 383 Optical Instruments and Lenses SIC_0D3832 0D3832 1972 SIC 3832 Optical Instruments and Lenses SIC_0D384 0D384 SIC 384 Medical Instruments and Supplies SIC_0D3841 0D3841 SIC 3841 Surgical and medical instruments SIC_0D3842 0D3842 SIC 3842 Surgical appliances and supplies SIC_0D3843 0D3843 SIC 3843 Dental equipment and supplies SIC_0D3844 0D3844 SIC 3844 X-ray apparatus and tubes SIC_0D3845 0D3845 SIC 3845 Electromedical equipment SIC_0D385 0D385 SIC 385 Ophthalmic Goods SIC_0D3851 0D3851 SIC 3851 Ophthalmic goods SIC_0D386 0D386 SIC 386 Photographic Equipment and Supplies SIC_0D3861 0D3861 SIC 3861 Photographic equipment and supplies SIC_0D387 0D387 SIC 387 Watches, Clocks, Watchcases & Parts SIC_0D3873 0D3873 SIC 3873 Watches, clocks, watchcases & parts SIC_0D39 0D39 SIC 39 Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries SIC_0D391 0D391 SIC 391 Jewelry, Silverware, and Plated Ware SIC_0D3911 0D3911 SIC 3911 Jewelry, precious metal SIC_0D3914 0D3914 SIC 3914 Silverware and plated ware SIC_0D3915 0D3915 SIC 3915 Jewelers'' materials & lapidary work SIC_0D393 0D393 SIC 393 Musical Instruments SIC_0D3931 0D3931 SIC 3931 Musical instruments SIC_0D394 0D394 SIC 394 Toys and Sporting Goods SIC_0D3942 0D3942 SIC 3942 Dolls and stuffed toys SIC_0D3944 0D3944 SIC 3944 Games, toys, and children''s vehicles SIC_0D3949 0D3949 SIC 3949 Sporting and athletic goods, nec SIC_0D395 0D395 SIC 395 Pens, Pencils, Office, & Art Supplies SIC_0D3951 0D3951 SIC 3951 Pens and mechanical pencils SIC_0D3952 0D3952 SIC 3952 Lead pencils and art goods SIC_0D3953 0D3953 SIC 3953 Marking devices SIC_0D3955 0D3955 SIC 3955 Carbon paper and inked ribbons SIC_0D396 0D396 SIC 396 Costume Jewelry and Notions SIC_0D3961 0D3961 SIC 3961 Costume jewelry SIC_0D3962 0D3962 1972 SIC 3962 Artificial Flowers SIC_0D3963 0D3963 1972 SIC 3963 Buttons SIC_0D3964 0D3964 1972 SIC 3964 Needles, Pins, and Fasteners SIC_0D3965 0D3965 SIC 3965 Fasteners, buttons, needles, & pins SIC_0D399 0D399 SIC 399 Miscellaneous Manufactures SIC_0D3991 0D3991 SIC 3991 Brooms and brushes SIC_0D3993 0D3993 SIC 3993 Signs and advertising specialities SIC_0D3995 0D3995 SIC 3995 Burial caskets SIC_0D3996 0D3996 SIC 3996 Hard surface floor coverings, nec SIC_0D3999 0D3999 SIC 3999 Manufacturing industries, nec SIC_0E40 0E40 SIC 40 Railroad Transportation SIC_0E401 0E401 SIC 401 Railroads SIC_0E4011 0E4011 SIC 4011 Railroads, line-haul operating SIC_0E4013 0E4013 SIC 4013 Switching and terminal services SIC_0E404 0E404 1972 SIC 404 Railway Express Service SIC_0E4041 0E4041 1972 SIC 4041 Railway Express Service SIC_0E41 0E41 SIC 41 Local and Interurban Passenger Transit SIC_0E411 0E411 SIC 411 Local and Suburban Transportation SIC_0E4111 0E4111 SIC 4111 Local and suburban transit SIC_0E4119 0E4119 SIC 4119 Local passenger transportation, nec SIC_0E412 0E412 SIC 412 Taxicabs SIC_0E4121 0E4121 SIC 4121 Taxicabs SIC_0E413 0E413 SIC 413 Intercity and Rural Bus Transportation SIC_0E4131 0E4131 SIC 4131 Intercity & rural bus transportation SIC_0E414 0E414 SIC 414 Bus Charter Service SIC_0E4141 0E4141 SIC 4141 Local bus charter service SIC_0E4142 0E4142 SIC 4142 Bus charter service, except local SIC_0E415 0E415 SIC 415 School Buses SIC_0E4151 0E4151 SIC 4151 School buses SIC_0E417 0E417 SIC 417 Bus Terminal and Service Facilities SIC_0E4171 0E4171 1972 SIC 4171 Bus Terminal Facilities SIC_0E4172 0E4172 1972 SIC 4172 Bus Service Facilities SIC_0E4173 0E4173 SIC 4173 Bus terminal and service facilities SIC_0E42 0E42 SIC 42 Trucking and Warehousing SIC_0E421 0E421 SIC 421 Trucking & Courier Services, ex. Air SIC_0E4210 0E4210 SIC 4210 Trucking & Courier Services, ex. Air SIC_0E4212 0E4212 SIC 4212 Local trucking, without storage SIC_0E4213 0E4213 SIC 4213 Trucking, except local SIC_0E4214 0E4214 SIC 4214 Local trucking with storage SIC_0E4215 0E4215 SIC 4215 Courier services, except by air SIC_0E422 0E422 SIC 422 Public Warehousing and Storage SIC_0E4221 0E4221 SIC 4221 Farm product warehousing and storage SIC_0E4222 0E4222 SIC 4222 Refrigerated warehousing and storage SIC_0E4224 0E4224 1972 SIC 4224 Household Goods Warehousing SIC_0E4225 0E4225 SIC 4225 General warehousing and storage SIC_0E4226 0E4226 SIC 4226 Special warehousing and storage, nec SIC_0E423 0E423 SIC 423 Trucking Terminal Facilities SIC_0E4231 0E4231 SIC 4231 Trucking terminal facilities SIC_0E43 0E43 SIC 43 U.s. Postal Service SIC_0E431 0E431 SIC 431 U.S. Postal Service SIC_0E4311 0E4311 SIC 4311 U.S. Postal Service SIC_0E44 0E44 SIC 44 Water Transportation SIC_0E441 0E441 SIC 441 Deep Sea Foreign Trans. of Freight SIC_0E4411 0E4411 1972 SIC 4411 Deep Sea Foreign Transportation SIC_0E4412 0E4412 SIC 4412 Deep sea foreign trans. of freight SIC_0E442 0E442 SIC 442 Deep Sea Domestic Trans. of Freight SIC_0E4421 0E4421 1972 SIC 4421 Noncontiguous Area Transportation SIC_0E4422 0E4422 1972 SIC 4422 Coastwise Transportation SIC_0E4423 0E4423 1972 SIC 4423 Intercoastal Transportation SIC_0E4424 0E4424 SIC 4424 Deep sea domestic trans. of freight SIC_0E443 0E443 SIC 443 Freight Trans. on the Great Lakes SIC_0E4431 0E4431 1972 SIC 4431 Great Lakes Transportation SIC_0E4432 0E4432 SIC 4432 Freight trans. on the Great Lakes SIC_0E444 0E444 SIC 444 Water Transportation of Freight, NEC SIC_0E4441 0E4441 1972 SIC 4441 Transportation On Rivers and Canals SIC_0E4449 0E4449 SIC 4449 Water transportation of freight, nec SIC_0E445 0E445 1972 SIC 445 Local Water Trasportation SIC_0E4452 0E4452 1972 SIC 4452 Ferries SIC_0E4453 0E4453 1972 SIC 4453 Lighterage SIC_0E4454 0E4454 1972 SIC 4454 Towing and Tugboat Service SIC_0E4459 0E4459 1972 SIC 4459 Local Water Transportation, Nec SIC_0E446 0E446 1972 SIC 446 Water Transportation Services SIC_0E4463 0E4463 1972 SIC 4463 Marine Cargo Handling SIC_0E4464 0E4464 1972 SIC 4464 Canal Operation SIC_0E4469 0E4469 1972 SIC 4469 Water Transportation Services, Nec SIC_0E448 0E448 SIC 448 Water Transportation of Passengers SIC_0E4481 0E4481 SIC 4481 Deep sea passenger trans., ex. ferry SIC_0E4482 0E4482 SIC 4482 Ferries SIC_0E4489 0E4489 SIC 4489 Water passenger transportation, nec SIC_0E449 0E449 SIC 449 Water Transportation Services SIC_0E4491 0E4491 SIC 4491 Marine cargo handling SIC_0E4492 0E4492 SIC 4492 Towing and tugboat service SIC_0E4493 0E4493 SIC 4493 Marinas SIC_0E4499 0E4499 SIC 4499 Water transportation services, nec SIC_0E45 0E45 SIC 45 Transportation By Air SIC_0E451 0E451 SIC 451 Air Transportation, Scheduled SIC_0E4511 0E4511 1972 SIC 4511 Certificated Air Transportation SIC_0E4512 0E4512 SIC 4512 Air transportation, scheduled SIC_0E4513 0E4513 SIC 4513 Air courier services SIC_0E452 0E452 SIC 452 Air Transportation, Nonscheduled SIC_0E4521 0E4521 1972 SIC 4521 Noncertificated Air Transportation SIC_0E4522 0E4522 SIC 4522 Air transportation, nonscheduled SIC_0E458 0E458 SIC 458 Airports, Flying Fields, & Services SIC_0E4581 0E4581 SIC 4581 Airports, flying fields, & services SIC_0E4582 0E4582 1972 SIC 4582 Airports and Flying Fields SIC_0E4583 0E4583 1972 SIC 4583 Airport Terminal Services SIC_0E46 0E46 SIC 46 Pipelines, Except Natural Gas SIC_0E461 0E461 SIC 461 Pipelines, Except Natural Gas SIC_0E4612 0E4612 SIC 4612 Crude petroleum pipelines SIC_0E4613 0E4613 SIC 4613 Refined petroleum pipelines SIC_0E4619 0E4619 SIC 4619 Pipelines, nec SIC_0E47 0E47 SIC 47 Transportation Services SIC_0E471 0E471 1972 SIC 471 Freight Forwarding SIC_0E4712 0E4712 1972 SIC 4712 Freight Forwarding SIC_0E472 0E472 SIC 472 Passenger Transportation Arrangement SIC_0E4722 0E4722 1972 SIC 4722 Passenger Transportation Arrangement SIC_0E4723 0E4723 1972 SIC 4723 Freight Transportation Arrangement SIC_0E4724 0E4724 SIC 4724 Travel agencies SIC_0E4725 0E4725 SIC 4725 Tour operators SIC_0E4729 0E4729 SIC 4729 Passenger transport arrangement, nec SIC_0E473 0E473 SIC 473 Freight Transportation Arrangement SIC_0E4731 0E4731 SIC 4731 Freight transportation arrangement SIC_0E474 0E474 SIC 474 Rental of Railroad Cars SIC_0E4741 0E4741 SIC 4741 Rental of railroad cars SIC_0E4742 0E4742 1972 SIC 4742 Railroad Car Rental With Service SIC_0E4743 0E4743 1972 SIC 4743 Railroad Car Rental Without Service SIC_0E478 0E478 SIC 478 Miscellaneous Transportation Services SIC_0E4782 0E4782 1972 SIC 4782 Inspection and Weighing Services SIC_0E4783 0E4783 SIC 4783 Packing and crating SIC_0E4784 0E4784 1972 SIC 4784 Fixed Facilities For Vehicles, Nec SIC_0E4785 0E4785 SIC 4785 Inspection & fixed facilities SIC_0E4789 0E4789 SIC 4789 Transportation services, nec SIC_0E48 0E48 SIC 48 Communication SIC_0E481 0E481 SIC 481 Telephone Communication SIC_0E4811 0E4811 1972 SIC 4811 Telephone Communication SIC_0E4812 0E4812 SIC 4812 Radiotelephone communications SIC_0E4813 0E4813 SIC 4813 Telephone communications, exc. radio SIC_0E482 0E482 SIC 482 Telegraph & Other Communications SIC_0E4821 0E4821 1972 SIC 4821 Telegraph Communication SIC_0E4822 0E4822 SIC 4822 Telegraph & other communications SIC_0E483 0E483 SIC 483 Radio and Television Broadcasting SIC_0E4832 0E4832 SIC 4832 Radio broadcasting stations SIC_0E4833 0E4833 SIC 4833 Television broadcasting stations SIC_0E484 0E484 SIC 484 Cable and Other Pay TV Services SIC_0E4841 0E4841 SIC 4841 Cable and other pay TV services SIC_0E489 0E489 SIC 489 Communication Services, NEC SIC_0E4899 0E4899 SIC 4899 Communication services, nec SIC_0E49 0E49 SIC 49 Electric, Gas, and Sanitary Services SIC_0E491 0E491 SIC 491 Electric Services SIC_0E4911 0E4911 SIC 4911 Electric services SIC_0E492 0E492 SIC 492 Gas Production and Distribution SIC_0E4922 0E4922 SIC 4922 Natural gas transmission SIC_0E4923 0E4923 SIC 4923 Gas transmission and distribution SIC_0E4924 0E4924 SIC 4924 Natural gas distribution SIC_0E4925 0E4925 SIC 4925 Gas production and/or distribution SIC_0E493 0E493 SIC 493 Combination Utility Services SIC_0E4931 0E4931 SIC 4931 Electric and other services combined SIC_0E4932 0E4932 SIC 4932 Gas and other services combined SIC_0E4939 0E4939 SIC 4939 Combination utilities, nec SIC_0E494 0E494 SIC 494 Water Supply SIC_0E4941 0E4941 SIC 4941 Water supply SIC_0E495 0E495 SIC 495 Sanitary Services SIC_0E4952 0E4952 SIC 4952 Sewerage systems SIC_0E4953 0E4953 SIC 4953 Refuse systems SIC_0E4959 0E4959 SIC 4959 Sanitary services, nec SIC_0E496 0E496 SIC 496 Steam and Air-Conditioning Supply SIC_0E4961 0E4961 SIC 4961 Steam and air-conditioning supply SIC_0E497 0E497 SIC 497 Irrigation Systems SIC_0E4971 0E4971 SIC 4971 Irrigation systems SIC_0F50 0F50 SIC 50 Wholesale Trade Durable Goods SIC_0F501 0F501 SIC 501 Motor Vehicles, Parts, and Supplies SIC_0F5012 0F5012 SIC 5012 Automobiles and other motor vehicles SIC_0F5013 0F5013 SIC 5013 Motor vehicle supplies and new parts SIC_0F5014 0F5014 SIC 5014 Tires and tubes SIC_0F5015 0F5015 SIC 5015 Motor vehicle parts, used SIC_0F502 0F502 SIC 502 Furniture and Homefurnishings SIC_0F5021 0F5021 SIC 5021 Furniture SIC_0F5023 0F5023 SIC 5023 Homefurnishings SIC_0F503 0F503 SIC 503 Lumber and Construction Materials SIC_0F5031 0F5031 SIC 5031 Lumber, plywood, and millwork SIC_0F5032 0F5032 SIC 5032 Brick, stone, & related materials SIC_0F5033 0F5033 SIC 5033 Roofing, siding, & insulation SIC_0F5039 0F5039 SIC 5039 Construction materials, nec SIC_0F504 0F504 SIC 504 Professional & Commercial Equipment SIC_0F5041 0F5041 1972 SIC 5041 Sporting and Recreational Goods SIC_0F5042 0F5042 1972 SIC 5042 Toys and Hobby Goods and Supplies SIC_0F5043 0F5043 SIC 5043 Photographic equipment and supplies SIC_0F5044 0F5044 SIC 5044 Office equipment SIC_0F5045 0F5045 SIC 5045 Computers, peripherals & software SIC_0F5046 0F5046 SIC 5046 Commercial equipment, nec SIC_0F5047 0F5047 SIC 5047 Medical and hospital equipment SIC_0F5048 0F5048 SIC 5048 Ophthalmic goods SIC_0F5049 0F5049 SIC 5049 Professional equipment, nec SIC_0F505 0F505 SIC 505 Metals and Minerals, Except Petroleum SIC_0F5051 0F5051 SIC 5051 Metals service centers and offices SIC_0F5052 0F5052 SIC 5052 Coal and other minerals and ores SIC_0F506 0F506 SIC 506 Electrical Goods SIC_0F5063 0F5063 SIC 5063 Electrical apparatus and equipment SIC_0F5064 0F5064 SIC 5064 Electrical appliances, TV & radios SIC_0F5065 0F5065 SIC 5065 Electronic parts and equipment SIC_0F507 0F507 SIC 507 Hardware, Plumbing & Heating Equipment SIC_0F5072 0F5072 SIC 5072 Hardware SIC_0F5074 0F5074 SIC 5074 Plumbing & hydronic heating supplies SIC_0F5075 0F5075 SIC 5075 Warm air heating & air-conditioning SIC_0F5078 0F5078 SIC 5078 Refrigeration equipment and supplies SIC_0F508 0F508 SIC 508 Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies SIC_0F5081 0F5081 1972 SIC 5081 Commercial Machines and Equipment SIC_0F5082 0F5082 SIC 5082 Construction and mining machinery SIC_0F5083 0F5083 SIC 5083 Farm and garden machinery SIC_0F5084 0F5084 SIC 5084 Industrial machinery and equipment SIC_0F5085 0F5085 SIC 5085 Industrial supplies SIC_0F5086 0F5086 1972 SIC 5086 Professional Equipment and Supplies SIC_0F5087 0F5087 SIC 5087 Service establishment equipment SIC_0F5088 0F5088 SIC 5088 Transportation equipment & supplies SIC_0F509 0F509 SIC 509 Miscellaneous Durable Goods SIC_0F5091 0F5091 SIC 5091 Sporting & recreational goods SIC_0F5092 0F5092 SIC 5092 Toys and hobby goods and supplies SIC_0F5093 0F5093 SIC 5093 Scrap and waste materials SIC_0F5094 0F5094 SIC 5094 Jewelry & precious stones SIC_0F5099 0F5099 SIC 5099 Durable goods, nec SIC_0F51 0F51 SIC 51 Wholesale Trade Nondurable Goods SIC_0F511 0F511 SIC 511 Paper and Paper Products SIC_0F5111 0F5111 SIC 5111 Printing and writing paper SIC_0F5112 0F5112 SIC 5112 Stationery and office supplies SIC_0F5113 0F5113 SIC 5113 Industrial & personal service paper SIC_0F512 0F512 SIC 512 Drugs, Proprietaries, and Sundries SIC_0F5122 0F5122 SIC 5122 Drugs, proprietaries, and sundries SIC_0F513 0F513 SIC 513 Apparel, Piece Goods, and Notions SIC_0F5130 0F5130 1972 SIC 513 Apparel, Piece Goods, and Notions SIC_0F5131 0F5131 SIC 5131 Piece goods & notions SIC_0F5133 0F5133 1972 SIC 5133 Piece Goods SIC_0F5134 0F5134 1972 SIC 5134 Notions and Other Dry Goods SIC_0F5136 0F5136 SIC 5136 Men''s and boys'' clothing SIC_0F5137 0F5137 SIC 5137 Women''s and children''s clothing SIC_0F5139 0F5139 SIC 5139 Footwear SIC_0F514 0F514 SIC 514 Groceries and Related Products SIC_0F5141 0F5141 SIC 5141 Groceries, general line SIC_0F5142 0F5142 SIC 5142 Packaged frozen foods SIC_0F5143 0F5143 SIC 5143 Dairy products, exc. dried or canned SIC_0F5144 0F5144 SIC 5144 Poultry and poultry products SIC_0F5145 0F5145 SIC 5145 Confectionery SIC_0F5146 0F5146 SIC 5146 Fish and seafoods SIC_0F5147 0F5147 SIC 5147 Meats and meat products SIC_0F5148 0F5148 SIC 5148 Fresh fruits and vegetables SIC_0F5149 0F5149 SIC 5149 Groceries and related products, nec SIC_0F515 0F515 SIC 515 Farm-Product Raw Materials SIC_0F5152 0F5152 1972 SIC 5152 Cotton SIC_0F5153 0F5153 SIC 5153 Grain and field beans SIC_0F5154 0F5154 SIC 5154 Livestock SIC_0F5159 0F5159 SIC 5159 Farm-product raw materials, nec SIC_0F516 0F516 SIC 516 Chemicals and Allied Products SIC_0F5161 0F5161 1972 SIC 5161 Chemicals and Allied Products SIC_0F5162 0F5162 SIC 5162 Plastics materials & basic shapes SIC_0F5169 0F5169 SIC 5169 Chemicals & allied products, nec SIC_0F517 0F517 SIC 517 Petroleum and Petroleum Products SIC_0F5171 0F5171 SIC 5171 Petroleum bulk stations & terminals SIC_0F5172 0F5172 SIC 5172 Petroleum products, nec SIC_0F518 0F518 SIC 518 Beer, Wine, and Distilled Beverages SIC_0F5181 0F5181 SIC 5181 Beer and ale SIC_0F5182 0F5182 SIC 5182 Wine and distilled beverages SIC_0F519 0F519 SIC 519 Misc. Nondurable Goods SIC_0F5191 0F5191 SIC 5191 Farm supplies SIC_0F5192 0F5192 SIC 5192 Books, periodicals, & newspapers SIC_0F5193 0F5193 SIC 5193 Flowers & florists'' supplies SIC_0F5194 0F5194 SIC 5194 Tobacco and tobacco products SIC_0F5198 0F5198 SIC 5198 Paints, varnishes, and supplies SIC_0F5199 0F5199 SIC 5199 Nondurable goods, nec SIC_0G52 0G52 SIC 52 Building Materials & Garden Supplies SIC_0G521 0G521 SIC 521 Lumber and Other Building Materials SIC_0G5211 0G5211 SIC 5211 Lumber and other building materials SIC_0G523 0G523 SIC 523 Paint, Glass, and Wallpaper Stores SIC_0G5231 0G5231 SIC 5231 Paint, glass, and wallpaper stores SIC_0G525 0G525 SIC 525 Hardware Stores SIC_0G5251 0G5251 SIC 5251 Hardware stores SIC_0G526 0G526 SIC 526 Retail Nurseries and Garden Stores SIC_0G5261 0G5261 SIC 5261 Retail nurseries and garden stores SIC_0G527 0G527 SIC 527 Mobile Home Dealers SIC_0G5271 0G5271 SIC 5271 Mobile home dealers SIC_0G53 0G53 SIC 53 General Merchandise Stores SIC_0G531 0G531 SIC 531 Department Stores SIC_0G5311 0G5311 SIC 5311 Department stores SIC_0G533 0G533 SIC 533 Variety Stores SIC_0G5331 0G5331 SIC 5331 Variety stores SIC_0G539 0G539 SIC 539 Misc. General Merchandise Stores SIC_0G5399 0G5399 SIC 5399 Misc. general merchandise stores SIC_0G54 0G54 SIC 54 Food Stores SIC_0G541 0G541 SIC 541 Grocery Stores SIC_0G5411 0G5411 SIC 5411 Grocery stores SIC_0G542 0G542 SIC 542 Meat and Fish Markets SIC_0G5421 0G5421 SIC 5421 Meat and fish markets SIC_0G5422 0G5422 1972 SIC 5422 Freezer and Locker Meat Provisioners SIC_0G5423 0G5423 1972 SIC 5423 Meat and Fish (Seafood) Markets SIC_0G543 0G543 SIC 543 Fruit and Vegetable Markets SIC_0G5431 0G5431 SIC 5431 Fruit and vegetable markets SIC_0G544 0G544 SIC 544 Candy, Nut, and Confectionery Stores SIC_0G5441 0G5441 SIC 5441 Candy, nut, and confectionery stores SIC_0G545 0G545 SIC 545 Dairy Products Stores SIC_0G5451 0G5451 SIC 5451 Dairy products stores SIC_0G546 0G546 SIC 546 Retail Bakeries SIC_0G5461 0G5461 SIC 5461 Retail bakeries SIC_0G5462 0G5462 1972 SIC 5462 Retail Bakeries-Baking and Selling SIC_0G5463 0G5463 1972 SIC 5463 Retail Bakeries-Selling Only SIC_0G549 0G549 SIC 549 Miscellaneous Food Stores SIC_0G5499 0G5499 SIC 5499 Miscellaneous food stores SIC_0G55 0G55 SIC 55 Automotive Dealers & Service Stations SIC_0G551 0G551 SIC 551 New and Used Car Dealers SIC_0G5511 0G5511 SIC 5511 New and used car dealers SIC_0G552 0G552 SIC 552 Used Car Dealers SIC_0G5521 0G5521 SIC 5521 Used car dealers SIC_0G553 0G553 SIC 553 Auto and Home Supply Stores SIC_0G5531 0G5531 SIC 5531 Auto and home supply stores SIC_0G554 0G554 SIC 554 Gasoline Service Stations SIC_0G5541 0G5541 SIC 5541 Gasoline service stations SIC_0G555 0G555 SIC 555 Boat Dealers SIC_0G5551 0G5551 SIC 5551 Boat dealers SIC_0G556 0G556 SIC 556 Recreational Vehicle Dealers SIC_0G5561 0G5561 SIC 5561 Recreational vehicle dealers SIC_0G557 0G557 SIC 557 Motorcycle Dealers SIC_0G5571 0G5571 SIC 5571 Motorcycle dealers SIC_0G559 0G559 SIC 559 Automotive Dealers, NEC SIC_0G5599 0G5599 SIC 5599 Automotive dealers, nec SIC_0G56 0G56 SIC 56 Apparel and Accessory Stores SIC_0G561 0G561 SIC 561 Men''s & Boys'' Clothing Stores SIC_0G5611 0G5611 SIC 5611 Men''s & boys'' clothing stores SIC_0G562 0G562 SIC 562 Women''s Clothing Stores SIC_0G5621 0G5621 SIC 5621 Women''s clothing stores SIC_0G563 0G563 SIC 563 Women''s Accessory & Specialty Stores SIC_0G5631 0G5631 1972 SIC 5631 Women's Accessory and Specialty Stores SIC_0G5632 0G5632 SIC 5632 Women''s accessory & specialty stores SIC_0G564 0G564 SIC 564 Children''s and Infants'' Wear Stores SIC_0G5641 0G5641 SIC 5641 Children''s and infants'' wear stores SIC_0G565 0G565 SIC 565 Family Clothing Stores SIC_0G5651 0G5651 SIC 5651 Family clothing stores SIC_0G566 0G566 SIC 566 Shoe Stores SIC_0G5661 0G5661 SIC 5661 Shoe stores SIC_0G568 0G568 1972 SIC 568 Furriers and Fur Shops SIC_0G5681 0G5681 1972 SIC 5681 Furriers and Fur Shops SIC_0G569 0G569 SIC 569 Misc. Apparel & Accessory Stores SIC_0G5699 0G5699 SIC 5699 Misc. apparel & accessory stores SIC_0G57 0G57 SIC 57 Furniture and Homefurnishings Stores SIC_0G571 0G571 SIC 571 Furniture and Homefurnishings Stores SIC_0G5712 0G5712 SIC 5712 Furniture stores SIC_0G5713 0G5713 SIC 5713 Floor covering stores SIC_0G5714 0G5714 SIC 5714 Drapery and upholstery stores SIC_0G5719 0G5719 SIC 5719 Misc. homefurnishings stores SIC_0G572 0G572 SIC 572 Household Appliance Stores SIC_0G5722 0G5722 SIC 5722 Household appliance stores SIC_0G573 0G573 SIC 573 Radio, Television, & Computer Stores SIC_0G5731 0G5731 SIC 5731 Radio, TV, & electronic stores SIC_0G5732 0G5732 1972 SIC 5732 Radio and Television Stores SIC_0G5733 0G5733 1972 SIC 5733 Music Stores SIC_0G5734 0G5734 SIC 5734 Computer and software stores SIC_0G5735 0G5735 SIC 5735 Record & prerecorded tape stores SIC_0G5736 0G5736 SIC 5736 Musical instrument stores SIC_0G58 0G58 SIC 58 Eating and Drinking Places SIC_0G581 0G581 SIC 581 Eating and Drinking Places SIC_0G5810 0G5810 SIC 5810 Eating and Drinking Places SIC_0G5812 0G5812 SIC 5812 Eating places SIC_0G5813 0G5813 SIC 5813 Drinking places SIC_0G59 0G59 SIC 59 Miscellaneous Retail SIC_0G591 0G591 SIC 591 Drug Stores and Proprietary Stores SIC_0G5912 0G5912 SIC 5912 Drug stores and proprietary stores SIC_0G592 0G592 SIC 592 Liquor Stores SIC_0G5921 0G5921 SIC 5921 Liquor stores SIC_0G593 0G593 SIC 593 Used Merchandise Stores SIC_0G5931 0G5931 1972 SIC 5931 Used Merchandise Stores SIC_0G5932 0G5932 SIC 5932 Used merchandise stores SIC_0G594 0G594 SIC 594 Miscellaneous Shopping Goods Stores SIC_0G5941 0G5941 SIC 5941 Sporting goods and bicycle shops SIC_0G5942 0G5942 SIC 5942 Book stores SIC_0G5943 0G5943 SIC 5943 Stationery stores SIC_0G5944 0G5944 SIC 5944 Jewelry stores SIC_0G5945 0G5945 SIC 5945 Hobby, toy, and game shops SIC_0G5946 0G5946 SIC 5946 Camera & photographic supply stores SIC_0G5947 0G5947 SIC 5947 Gift, novelty, and souvenir shops SIC_0G5948 0G5948 SIC 5948 Luggage and leather goods stores SIC_0G5949 0G5949 SIC 5949 Sewing, needlework, and piece goods SIC_0G596 0G596 SIC 596 Nonstore Retailers SIC_0G5961 0G5961 SIC 5961 Catalog and mail-order houses SIC_0G5962 0G5962 SIC 5962 Merchandising machine operators SIC_0G5963 0G5963 SIC 5963 Direct selling establishments SIC_0G598 0G598 SIC 598 Fuel Dealers SIC_0G5982 0G5982 1972 SIC 5982 Fuel and Ice Dealers, Nec SIC_0G5983 0G5983 SIC 5983 Fuel oil dealers SIC_0G5984 0G5984 SIC 5984 Liquefied petroleum gas dealers SIC_0G5989 0G5989 SIC 5989 Fuel dealers, nec SIC_0G599 0G599 SIC 599 Retail Stores, NEC SIC_0G5992 0G5992 SIC 5992 Florists SIC_0G5993 0G5993 SIC 5993 Tobacco stores and stands SIC_0G5994 0G5994 SIC 5994 News dealers and newsstands SIC_0G5995 0G5995 SIC 5995 Optical goods stores SIC_0G5999 0G5999 SIC 5999 Miscellaneous retail stores, nec SIC_0H60 0H60 SIC 60 Depository Institutions SIC_0H601 0H601 SIC 601 Central Reserve Depository SIC_0H6011 0H6011 SIC 6011 Federal reserve banks SIC_0H6019 0H6019 SIC 6019 Central reserve depository, nec SIC_0H602 0H602 SIC 602 Commercial Banks SIC_0H6021 0H6021 SIC 6021 National commercial banks SIC_0H6022 0H6022 SIC 6022 State commercial banks SIC_0H6023 0H6023 1972 SIC 6023 State Banks, Not Fed. Reserve, Fdic SIC_0H6024 0H6024 1972 SIC 6024 State Banks, Not Fed. Res., Not Fdic SIC_0H6025 0H6025 1972 SIC 6025 National Banks, Federal Reserve SIC_0H6026 0H6026 1972 SIC 6026 National Banks, Not Fed. Res., Fdic SIC_0H6027 0H6027 1972 SIC 6027 National Banks, Not Fdic SIC_0H6028 0H6028 1972 SIC 6028 Private Banks, Not Incorp., Not Fdic SIC_0H6029 0H6029 SIC 6029 Commercial banks, nec SIC_0H603 0H603 SIC 603 Savings Institutions SIC_0H6032 0H6032 1972 SIC 6032 Mutual Savings Banks, Federal Reserve SIC_0H6033 0H6033 1972 SIC 6033 Mutual Savings Banks, Not Fed. Res. SIC_0H6034 0H6034 1972 SIC 6034 Mutual Savings Banks, Not Fdic SIC_0H6035 0H6035 SIC 6035 Federal savings institutions SIC_0H6036 0H6036 SIC 6036 Savings institutions, except federal SIC_0H604 0H604 1972 SIC 604 Trust Companies, Nondeposit SIC_0H6042 0H6042 1972 SIC 6042 Nondeposit Trusts, Federal Reserve SIC_0H6044 0H6044 1972 SIC 6044 Nondeposit Trusts, Not Fdic SIC_0H605 0H605 1972 SIC 605 Functions Closely Related To Banking SIC_0H6052 0H6052 1972 SIC 6052 Foreign Exchange Establishments SIC_0H6054 0H6054 1972 SIC 6054 Safe Deposit Companies SIC_0H6055 0H6055 1972 SIC 6055 Clearinghouse Associations SIC_0H6056 0H6056 1972 SIC 6056 Corporations For Banking Abroad SIC_0H6059 0H6059 1972 SIC 6059 Functions Related To Banking, Nec SIC_0H606 0H606 SIC 606 Credit Unions SIC_0H6061 0H6061 SIC 6061 Federal credit unions SIC_0H6062 0H6062 SIC 6062 State credit unions SIC_0H608 0H608 SIC 608 Foreign Bank & Branches & Agencies SIC_0H6081 0H6081 SIC 6081 Foreign bank & branches & agencies SIC_0H6082 0H6082 SIC 6082 Foreign trade & international banks SIC_0H609 0H609 SIC 609 Functions Closely Related to Banking SIC_0H6091 0H6091 SIC 6091 Nondeposit trust facilities SIC_0H6099 0H6099 SIC 6099 Functions related to deposit banking SIC_0H61 0H61 SIC 61 Nondepository Institutions SIC_0H611 0H611 SIC 611 Federal & Fed.-Sponsored Credit SIC_0H6111 0H6111 SIC 6111 Federal & fed.-sponsored credit SIC_0H6112 0H6112 1972 SIC 6112 Rediscounting, Not For Agricultural SIC_0H6113 0H6113 1972 SIC 6113 Rediscounting, For Agricultural SIC_0H612 0H612 1972 SIC 612 Savings and Loan Associations SIC_0H6122 0H6122 1972 SIC 6122 Federal Savings & Loan Associations SIC_0H6123 0H6123 1972 SIC 6123 State Associations, Insured SIC_0H6124 0H6124 1972 SIC 6124 State Associations, Noninsured, Fhlb SIC_0H6125 0H6125 1972 SIC 6125 State Associations, Noninsured, Nec SIC_0H613 0H613 1972 SIC 613 Agricultural Credit Institutions SIC_0H6131 0H6131 1972 SIC 6131 Agricultural Credit Institutions SIC_0H614 0H614 SIC 614 Personal Credit Institutions SIC_0H6141 0H6141 SIC 6141 Personal credit institutions SIC_0H6142 0H6142 1972 SIC 6142 Federal Credit Unions SIC_0H6143 0H6143 1972 SIC 6143 State Credit Unions SIC_0H6144 0H6144 1972 SIC 6144 Nondeposit Industrial Loan Companies SIC_0H6145 0H6145 1972 SIC 6145 Licensed Small Loan Lenders SIC_0H6146 0H6146 1972 SIC 6146 Installment Sales Finance Companies SIC_0H6149 0H6149 1972 SIC 6149 Misc. Personal Credit Institutions SIC_0H615 0H615 SIC 615 Business Credit Institutions SIC_0H6153 0H6153 SIC 6153 Short-term business credit SIC_0H6159 0H6159 SIC 6159 Misc. business credit institutions SIC_0H616 0H616 SIC 616 Mortgage Bankers and Brokers SIC_0H6162 0H6162 SIC 6162 Mortgage bankers and correspondents SIC_0H6163 0H6163 SIC 6163 Loan brokers SIC_0H62 0H62 SIC 62 Security and Commodity Brokers SIC_0H621 0H621 SIC 621 Security Brokers and Dealers SIC_0H6211 0H6211 SIC 6211 Security brokers and dealers SIC_0H622 0H622 SIC 622 Commodity Contracts Brokers, Dealers SIC_0H6221 0H6221 SIC 6221 Commodity contracts brokers, dealers SIC_0H623 0H623 SIC 623 Security and Commodity Exchanges SIC_0H6231 0H6231 SIC 6231 Security and commodity exchanges SIC_0H628 0H628 SIC 628 Security and Commodity Services SIC_0H6281 0H6281 1972 SIC 6281 Security and Commodity Services SIC_0H6282 0H6282 SIC 6282 Investment advice SIC_0H6289 0H6289 SIC 6289 Security & commodity services, nec SIC_0H63 0H63 SIC 63 Insurance Carriers SIC_0H631 0H631 SIC 631 Life Insurance SIC_0H6311 0H6311 SIC 6311 Life insurance SIC_0H632 0H632 SIC 632 Medical Service and Health Insurance SIC_0H6321 0H6321 SIC 6321 Accident and health insurance SIC_0H6324 0H6324 SIC 6324 Hospital and medical service plans SIC_0H633 0H633 SIC 633 Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance SIC_0H6331 0H6331 SIC 6331 Fire, marine, and casualty insurance SIC_0H635 0H635 SIC 635 Surety Insurance SIC_0H6351 0H6351 SIC 6351 Surety insurance SIC_0H636 0H636 SIC 636 Title Insurance SIC_0H6361 0H6361 SIC 6361 Title insurance SIC_0H637 0H637 SIC 637 Pension, Health, and Welfare Funds SIC_0H6371 0H6371 SIC 6371 Pension, health, and welfare funds SIC_0H639 0H639 SIC 639 Insurance Carriers, NEC SIC_0H6399 0H6399 SIC 6399 Insurance carriers, nec SIC_0H64 0H64 SIC 64 Insurance Agents, Brokers, & Service SIC_0H641 0H641 SIC 641 Insurance Agents, Brokers, & Service SIC_0H6411 0H6411 SIC 6411 Insurance agents, brokers, & service SIC_0H65 0H65 SIC 65 Real Estate SIC_0H651 0H651 SIC 651 Real Estate Operators and Lessors SIC_0H6510 0H6510 SIC 6510 Real Estate Operators and Lessors SIC_0H6512 0H6512 SIC 6512 Nonresidential building operators SIC_0H6513 0H6513 SIC 6513 Apartment building operators SIC_0H6514 0H6514 SIC 6514 Dwelling operators, exc. apartments SIC_0H6515 0H6515 SIC 6515 Mobile home site operators SIC_0H6517 0H6517 SIC 6517 Railroad property lessors SIC_0H6519 0H6519 SIC 6519 Real property lessors, nec SIC_0H653 0H653 SIC 653 Real Estate Agents and Managers SIC_0H6531 0H6531 SIC 6531 Real estate agents and managers SIC_0H654 0H654 SIC 654 Title Abstract Offices SIC_0H6541 0H6541 SIC 6541 Title abstract offices SIC_0H655 0H655 SIC 655 Subdividers and Developers SIC_0H6552 0H6552 SIC 6552 Subdividers and developers, nec SIC_0H6553 0H6553 SIC 6553 Cemetery subdividers and developers SIC_0H66 0H66 1972 SIC 66 Combined Real Estate, Insurance, Etc SIC_0H661 0H661 1972 SIC 661 Combined Real Estate, Insurance, Etc SIC_0H6611 0H6611 1972 SIC 6611 Combined Real Estate, Insurance, Etc SIC_0H67 0H67 SIC 67 Holding and Other Investment Offices SIC_0H671 0H671 SIC 671 Holding Offices SIC_0H6711 0H6711 1972 SIC 6711 Holding Offices SIC_0H6712 0H6712 SIC 6712 Bank holding companies SIC_0H6719 0H6719 SIC 6719 Holding companies, nec SIC_0H672 0H672 SIC 672 Investment Offices SIC_0H6722 0H6722 SIC 6722 Management investment, open-end SIC_0H6723 0H6723 1972 SIC 6723 Management Investment, Closed-End SIC_0H6724 0H6724 1972 SIC 6724 Unit Investment Trusts SIC_0H6725 0H6725 1972 SIC 6725 Face-Amount Certificate Offices SIC_0H6726 0H6726 SIC 6726 Investment offices, nec SIC_0H673 0H673 SIC 673 Trusts SIC_0H6732 0H6732 SIC 6732 Educational, religious, etc. trusts SIC_0H6733 0H6733 SIC 6733 Trusts, nec SIC_0H679 0H679 SIC 679 Miscellaneous Investing SIC_0H6792 0H6792 SIC 6792 Oil royalty traders SIC_0H6793 0H6793 1972 SIC 6793 Commodity Traders SIC_0H6794 0H6794 SIC 6794 Patent owners and lessors SIC_0H6798 0H6798 SIC 6798 Real estate investment trusts SIC_0H6799 0H6799 SIC 6799 Investors, nec SIC_0I70 0I70 SIC 70 Hotels and Other Lodging Places SIC_0I701 0I701 SIC 701 Hotels and Motels SIC_0I7011 0I7011 SIC 7011 Hotels and motels SIC_0I702 0I702 SIC 702 Rooming and Boarding Houses SIC_0I7021 0I7021 SIC 7021 Rooming and boarding houses SIC_0I703 0I703 SIC 703 Camps and Recreational Vehicle Parks SIC_0I7032 0I7032 SIC 7032 Sporting and recreational camps SIC_0I7033 0I7033 SIC 7033 Trailer parks and campsites SIC_0I704 0I704 SIC 704 Membership-Basis Organization Hotels SIC_0I7041 0I7041 SIC 7041 Membership-basis organization hotels SIC_0I72 0I72 SIC 72 Personal Services SIC_0I721 0I721 SIC 721 Laundry, Cleaning, & Garment Services SIC_0I7210 0I7210 SIC 7210 Laundry, Cleaning, & Garment Services SIC_0I7211 0I7211 SIC 7211 Power laundries, family & commercial SIC_0I7212 0I7212 SIC 7212 Garment pressing & cleaners'' agents SIC_0I7213 0I7213 SIC 7213 Linen supply SIC_0I7214 0I7214 1972 SIC 7214 Diaper Service SIC_0I7215 0I7215 SIC 7215 Coin-operated laundries and cleaning SIC_0I7216 0I7216 SIC 7216 Drycleaning plants, except rug SIC_0I7217 0I7217 SIC 7217 Carpet and upholstery cleaning SIC_0I7218 0I7218 SIC 7218 Industrial launderers SIC_0I7219 0I7219 SIC 7219 Laundry and garment services, nec SIC_0I722 0I722 SIC 722 Photographic Studios, Portrait SIC_0I7221 0I7221 SIC 7221 Photographic studios, portrait SIC_0I723 0I723 SIC 723 Beauty Shops SIC_0I7231 0I7231 SIC 7231 Beauty shops SIC_0I724 0I724 SIC 724 Barber Shops SIC_0I7241 0I7241 SIC 7241 Barber shops SIC_0I725 0I725 SIC 725 Shoe Repair and Shoeshine Parlors SIC_0I7251 0I7251 SIC 7251 Shoe repair and shoeshine parlors SIC_0I726 0I726 SIC 726 Funeral Service and Crematories SIC_0I7261 0I7261 SIC 7261 Funeral service and crematories SIC_0I729 0I729 SIC 729 Miscellaneous Personal Services SIC_0I7291 0I7291 SIC 7291 Tax return preparation services SIC_0I7299 0I7299 SIC 7299 Miscellaneous personal services, nec SIC_0I73 0I73 SIC 73 Business Services SIC_0I731 0I731 SIC 731 Advertising SIC_0I7311 0I7311 SIC 7311 Advertising agencies SIC_0I7312 0I7312 SIC 7312 Outdoor advertising services SIC_0I7313 0I7313 SIC 7313 Radio, TV, publisher representatives SIC_0I7319 0I7319 SIC 7319 Advertising, nec SIC_0I732 0I732 SIC 732 Credit Reporting and Collection SIC_0I7321 0I7321 1972 SIC 7321 Credit Reporting and Collection SIC_0I7322 0I7322 SIC 7322 Adjustment & collection services SIC_0I7323 0I7323 SIC 7323 Credit reporting services SIC_0I733 0I733 SIC 733 Mailing, Reproduction, Stenographic SIC_0I7331 0I7331 SIC 7331 Direct mail advertising services SIC_0I7332 0I7332 1972 SIC 7332 Blueprinting and Photocopying SIC_0I7333 0I7333 1972 SIC 7333 Commercial Photography and Art SIC_0I7334 0I7334 SIC 7334 Photocopying & duplicating services SIC_0I7335 0I7335 SIC 7335 Commercial photography SIC_0I7336 0I7336 SIC 7336 Commercial art and graphic design SIC_0I7338 0I7338 SIC 7338 Secretarial & court reporting SIC_0I7339 0I7339 1972 SIC 7339 Stenographic and Reproduction, Nec SIC_0I734 0I734 SIC 734 Services to Buildings SIC_0I7341 0I7341 1972 SIC 7341 Window Cleaning SIC_0I7342 0I7342 SIC 7342 Disinfecting & pest control services SIC_0I7349 0I7349 SIC 7349 Building maintenance services, nec SIC_0I735 0I735 SIC 735 Misc. Equipment Rental & Leasing SIC_0I7351 0I7351 1972 SIC 7351 News Syndicates SIC_0I7352 0I7352 SIC 7352 Medical equipment rental SIC_0I7353 0I7353 SIC 7353 Heavy construction equipment rental SIC_0I7359 0I7359 SIC 7359 Equipment rental & leasing, nec SIC_0I736 0I736 SIC 736 Personnel Supply Services SIC_0I7361 0I7361 SIC 7361 Employment agencies SIC_0I7362 0I7362 1972 SIC 7362 Temporary Help Supply Services SIC_0I7363 0I7363 SIC 7363 Help supply services SIC_0I7369 0I7369 1972 SIC 7369 Personnel Supply Services, Nec SIC_0I737 0I737 SIC 737 Computer and Data Processing Services SIC_0I7371 0I7371 SIC 7371 Computer programming services SIC_0I7372 0I7372 SIC 7372 Prepackaged software SIC_0I7373 0I7373 SIC 7373 Computer integrated systems design SIC_0I7374 0I7374 SIC 7374 Data processing and preparation SIC_0I7375 0I7375 SIC 7375 Information retrieval services SIC_0I7376 0I7376 SIC 7376 Computer facilities management SIC_0I7377 0I7377 SIC 7377 Computer rental & leasing SIC_0I7378 0I7378 SIC 7378 Computer maintenance & repair SIC_0I7379 0I7379 SIC 7379 Computer related services, nec SIC_0I738 0I738 SIC 738 Miscellaneous Business Services SIC_0I7381 0I7381 SIC 7381 Detective & armored car services SIC_0I7382 0I7382 SIC 7382 Security systems services SIC_0I7383 0I7383 SIC 7383 News syndicates SIC_0I7384 0I7384 SIC 7384 Photofinishing laboratories SIC_0I7389 0I7389 SIC 7389 Business services, nec SIC_0I739 0I739 1972 SIC 739 Miscellaneous Business Services SIC_0I7391 0I7391 1972 SIC 7391 Research and Development Laboratories SIC_0I7392 0I7392 1972 SIC 7392 Management and Public Relations SIC_0I7393 0I7393 1972 SIC 7393 Detective and Protective Services SIC_0I7394 0I7394 1972 SIC 7394 Equipment Rental and Leasing SIC_0I7395 0I7395 1972 SIC 7395 Photofinishing Laboratories SIC_0I7396 0I7396 1972 SIC 7396 Trading Stamp Services SIC_0I7397 0I7397 1972 SIC 7397 Commercial Testing Laboratories SIC_0I7399 0I7399 1972 SIC 7399 Business Services, Nec SIC_0I75 0I75 SIC 75 Auto Repair, Services, and Parking SIC_0I751 0I751 SIC 751 Automotive Rentals, No Drivers SIC_0I7512 0I7512 1972 SIC 7512 Passenger Car Rental and Leasing SIC_0I7513 0I7513 SIC 7513 Truck rental and leasing, no drivers SIC_0I7514 0I7514 SIC 7514 Passenger car rental SIC_0I7515 0I7515 SIC 7515 Passenger car leasing SIC_0I7519 0I7519 SIC 7519 Utility trailer rental SIC_0I752 0I752 SIC 752 Automobile Parking SIC_0I7521 0I7521 SIC 7521 Automobile parking SIC_0I7523 0I7523 1972 SIC 7523 Parking Lots SIC_0I7525 0I7525 1972 SIC 7525 Parking Structures SIC_0I753 0I753 SIC 753 Automotive Repair Shops SIC_0I7531 0I7531 1972 SIC 7531 Top and Body Repair Shops SIC_0I7532 0I7532 SIC 7532 Top & body repair & paint shops SIC_0I7533 0I7533 SIC 7533 Auto exhaust system repair shops SIC_0I7534 0I7534 SIC 7534 Tire retreading and repair shops SIC_0I7535 0I7535 1972 SIC 7535 Paint Shops SIC_0I7536 0I7536 SIC 7536 Automotive glass replacement shops SIC_0I7537 0I7537 SIC 7537 Automotive transmission repair shops SIC_0I7538 0I7538 SIC 7538 General automotive repair shops SIC_0I7539 0I7539 SIC 7539 Automotive repair shops, nec SIC_0I754 0I754 SIC 754 Automotive Services, Except Repair SIC_0I7542 0I7542 SIC 7542 Carwashes SIC_0I7549 0I7549 SIC 7549 Automotive services, nec SIC_0I76 0I76 SIC 76 Miscellaneous Repair Services SIC_0I762 0I762 SIC 762 Electrical Repair Shops SIC_0I7622 0I7622 SIC 7622 Radio and television repair SIC_0I7623 0I7623 SIC 7623 Refrigeration service and repair SIC_0I7629 0I7629 SIC 7629 Electrical repair shops, nec SIC_0I763 0I763 SIC 763 Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Repair SIC_0I7631 0I7631 SIC 7631 Watch, clock, and jewelry repair SIC_0I764 0I764 SIC 764 Reupholstery and Furniture Repair SIC_0I7641 0I7641 SIC 7641 Reupholstery and furniture repair SIC_0I769 0I769 SIC 769 Miscellaneous Repair Shops SIC_0I7692 0I7692 SIC 7692 Welding repair SIC_0I7694 0I7694 SIC 7694 Armature rewinding shops SIC_0I7699 0I7699 SIC 7699 Repair services, nec SIC_0I78 0I78 SIC 78 Motion Pictures SIC_0I781 0I781 SIC 781 Motion Picture Production & Services SIC_0I7812 0I7812 SIC 7812 Motion picture & video production SIC_0I7813 0I7813 1972 SIC 7813 Motion Picture Production, Except Tv SIC_0I7814 0I7814 1972 SIC 7814 Motion Picture Production For Tv SIC_0I7819 0I7819 SIC 7819 Services allied to motion pictures SIC_0I782 0I782 SIC 782 Motion Picture Distribution & Services SIC_0I7822 0I7822 SIC 7822 Motion picture and tape distribution SIC_0I7823 0I7823 1972 SIC 7823 Motion Picture Film Exchanges SIC_0I7824 0I7824 1972 SIC 7824 Film Or Tape Distribution For Tv SIC_0I7829 0I7829 SIC 7829 Motion picture distribution services SIC_0I783 0I783 SIC 783 Motion Picture Theaters SIC_0I7832 0I7832 SIC 7832 Motion picture theaters, ex drive-in SIC_0I7833 0I7833 SIC 7833 Drive-in motion picture theaters SIC_0I784 0I784 SIC 784 Video Tape Rental SIC_0I7841 0I7841 SIC 7841 Video tape rental SIC_0I79 0I79 SIC 79 Amusement & Recreation Services SIC_0I791 0I791 SIC 791 Dance Studios, Schools, and Halls SIC_0I7911 0I7911 SIC 7911 Dance studios, schools, and halls SIC_0I792 0I792 SIC 792 Producers, Orchestras, Entertainers SIC_0I7922 0I7922 SIC 7922 Theatrical producers and services SIC_0I7929 0I7929 SIC 7929 Entertainers & entertainment groups SIC_0I793 0I793 SIC 793 Bowling Centers SIC_0I7932 0I7932 1972 SIC 7932 Billiard and Pool Establishments SIC_0I7933 0I7933 SIC 7933 Bowling centers SIC_0I794 0I794 SIC 794 Commercial Sports SIC_0I7941 0I7941 SIC 7941 Sports clubs, managers, & promoters SIC_0I7948 0I7948 SIC 7948 Racing, including track operation SIC_0I799 0I799 SIC 799 Misc. Amusement, Recreation Services SIC_0I7991 0I7991 SIC 7991 Physical fitness facilities SIC_0I7992 0I7992 SIC 7992 Public golf courses SIC_0I7993 0I7993 SIC 7993 Coin-operated amusement devices SIC_0I7996 0I7996 SIC 7996 Amusement parks SIC_0I7997 0I7997 SIC 7997 Membership sports & recreation clubs SIC_0I7999 0I7999 SIC 7999 Amusement and recreation, nec SIC_0I80 0I80 SIC 80 Health Services SIC_0I801 0I801 SIC 801 Offices & Clinics of Medical Doctors SIC_0I8011 0I8011 SIC 8011 Offices & clinics of medical doctors SIC_0I802 0I802 SIC 802 Offices and Clinics of Dentists SIC_0I8021 0I8021 SIC 8021 Offices and clinics of dentists SIC_0I803 0I803 SIC 803 Offices of Osteopathic Physicians SIC_0I8031 0I8031 SIC 8031 Offices of osteopathic physicians SIC_0I804 0I804 SIC 804 Offices of Other Health Practitioners SIC_0I8041 0I8041 SIC 8041 Offices and clinics of chiropractors SIC_0I8042 0I8042 SIC 8042 Offices and clinics of optometrists SIC_0I8043 0I8043 SIC 8043 Offices and clinics of podiatrists SIC_0I8049 0I8049 SIC 8049 Offices of health practitioners, nec SIC_0I805 0I805 SIC 805 Nursing and Personal Care Facilities SIC_0I8051 0I8051 SIC 8051 Skilled nursing care facilities SIC_0I8052 0I8052 SIC 8052 Intermediate care facilities SIC_0I8059 0I8059 SIC 8059 Nursing and personal care, nec SIC_0I806 0I806 SIC 806 Hospitals SIC_0I8062 0I8062 SIC 8062 General medical & surgical hospitals SIC_0I8063 0I8063 SIC 8063 Psychiatric hospitals SIC_0I8069 0I8069 SIC 8069 Specialty hospitals exc. psychiatric SIC_0I807 0I807 SIC 807 Medical and Dental Laboratories SIC_0I8071 0I8071 SIC 8071 Medical laboratories SIC_0I8072 0I8072 SIC 8072 Dental laboratories SIC_0I808 0I808 SIC 808 Home Health Care Services SIC_0I8081 0I8081 1972 SIC 8081 Outpatient Care Facilities SIC_0I8082 0I8082 SIC 8082 Home health care services SIC_0I809 0I809 SIC 809 Health and Allied Services, NEC SIC_0I8091 0I8091 1972 SIC 8091 Health and Allied Services, Nec SIC_0I8092 0I8092 SIC 8092 Kidney dialysis centers SIC_0I8093 0I8093 SIC 8093 Specialty outpatient clinics, nec SIC_0I8099 0I8099 SIC 8099 Health and allied services, nec SIC_0I81 0I81 SIC 81 Legal Services SIC_0I811 0I811 SIC 811 Legal Services SIC_0I8111 0I8111 SIC 8111 Legal services SIC_0I82 0I82 SIC 82 Educational Services SIC_0I821 0I821 SIC 821 Elementary and Secondary Schools SIC_0I8211 0I8211 SIC 8211 Elementary and secondary schools SIC_0I822 0I822 SIC 822 Colleges and Universities SIC_0I8221 0I8221 SIC 8221 Colleges and universities SIC_0I8222 0I8222 SIC 8222 Junior colleges SIC_0I823 0I823 SIC 823 Libraries SIC_0I8231 0I8231 SIC 8231 Libraries SIC_0I824 0I824 SIC 824 Vocational Schools SIC_0I8241 0I8241 1972 SIC 8241 Correspondence Schools SIC_0I8243 0I8243 SIC 8243 Data processing schools SIC_0I8244 0I8244 SIC 8244 Business and secretarial schools SIC_0I8249 0I8249 SIC 8249 Vocational schools, nec SIC_0I829 0I829 SIC 829 Schools & Educational Services, NEC SIC_0I8299 0I8299 SIC 8299 Schools & educational services, nec SIC_0I83 0I83 SIC 83 Social Services SIC_0I832 0I832 SIC 832 Individual and Family Services SIC_0I8321 0I8321 1972 SIC 8321 Individual and Family Services SIC_0I8322 0I8322 SIC 8322 Individual and family services SIC_0I833 0I833 SIC 833 Job Training and Related Services SIC_0I8331 0I8331 SIC 8331 Job training and related services SIC_0I835 0I835 SIC 835 Child Day Care Services SIC_0I8351 0I8351 SIC 8351 Child day care services SIC_0I836 0I836 SIC 836 Residential Care SIC_0I8361 0I8361 SIC 8361 Residential care SIC_0I839 0I839 SIC 839 Social Services, NEC SIC_0I8399 0I8399 SIC 8399 Social services, nec SIC_0I84 0I84 SIC 84 Museums, Botanical, Zoological Gardens SIC_0I841 0I841 SIC 841 Museums and Art Galleries SIC_0I8411 0I8411 1972 SIC 8411 Museums and Art Galleries SIC_0I8412 0I8412 SIC 8412 Museums and art galleries SIC_0I842 0I842 SIC 842 Botanical and Zoological Gardens SIC_0I8421 0I8421 1972 SIC 8421 Botanical and Zoological Gardens SIC_0I8422 0I8422 SIC 8422 Botanical and zoological gardens SIC_0I86 0I86 SIC 86 Membership Organizations SIC_0I861 0I861 SIC 861 Business Associations SIC_0I8611 0I8611 SIC 8611 Business associations SIC_0I862 0I862 SIC 862 Professional Organizations SIC_0I8621 0I8621 SIC 8621 Professional organizations SIC_0I863 0I863 SIC 863 Labor Organizations SIC_0I8631 0I8631 SIC 8631 Labor organizations SIC_0I864 0I864 SIC 864 Civic and Social Associations SIC_0I8641 0I8641 SIC 8641 Civic and social associations SIC_0I865 0I865 SIC 865 Political Organizations SIC_0I8651 0I8651 SIC 8651 Political organizations SIC_0I866 0I866 SIC 866 Religious Organizations SIC_0I8661 0I8661 SIC 8661 Religious organizations SIC_0I869 0I869 SIC 869 Membership Organizations, NEC SIC_0I8699 0I8699 SIC 8699 Membership organizations, nec SIC_0I87 0I87 SIC 87 Engineering & Management Services SIC_0I871 0I871 SIC 871 Engineering & Architectural Services SIC_0I8711 0I8711 SIC 8711 Engineering services SIC_0I8712 0I8712 SIC 8712 Architectural services SIC_0I8713 0I8713 SIC 8713 Surveying services SIC_0I872 0I872 SIC 872 Accounting, Auditing, & Bookkeeping SIC_0I8721 0I8721 SIC 8721 Accounting, auditing, & bookkeeping SIC_0I873 0I873 SIC 873 Research and Testing Services SIC_0I8731 0I8731 SIC 8731 Commercial physical research SIC_0I8732 0I8732 SIC 8732 Commercial nonphysical research SIC_0I8733 0I8733 SIC 8733 Noncommercial research organizations SIC_0I8734 0I8734 SIC 8734 Testing laboratories SIC_0I874 0I874 SIC 874 Management and Public Relations SIC_0I8741 0I8741 SIC 8741 Management services SIC_0I8742 0I8742 SIC 8742 Management consulting services SIC_0I8743 0I8743 SIC 8743 Public relations services SIC_0I8744 0I8744 SIC 8744 Facilities support services SIC_0I8748 0I8748 SIC 8748 Business consulting, nec SIC_0I88 0I88 SIC 88 Private Households SIC_0I881 0I881 SIC 881 Private Households SIC_0I8811 0I8811 SIC 8811 Private households SIC_0I89 0I89 SIC 89 Services, not elsewhere classified SIC_0I891 0I891 1972 SIC 891 Engineering & Architectural Services SIC_0I8911 0I8911 1972 SIC 8911 Engineering & Architectural Services SIC_0I892 0I892 1972 SIC 892 Noncommercial Research Organizations SIC_0I8922 0I8922 1972 SIC 8922 Noncommercial Research Organizations SIC_0I893 0I893 1972 SIC 893 Accounting, Auditing, & Bookkeeping SIC_0I8931 0I8931 1972 SIC 8931 Accounting, Auditing & Bookkeeping SIC_0I899 0I899 SIC 899 Services, NEC SIC_0I8999 0I8999 SIC 8999 Services, nec SIC_0J91 0J91 SIC 91 Executive, Legislative, and General SIC_0J911 0J911 SIC 911 Executive Offices SIC_0J9111 0J9111 SIC 9111 Executive offices SIC_0J912 0J912 SIC 912 Legislative Bodies SIC_0J9121 0J9121 SIC 9121 Legislative bodies SIC_0J913 0J913 SIC 913 Executive and Legislative Combined SIC_0J9131 0J9131 SIC 9131 Executive and legislative combined SIC_0J919 0J919 SIC 919 General Government, NEC SIC_0J9199 0J9199 SIC 9199 General government, nec SIC_0J92 0J92 SIC 92 Justice, Public Order, and Safety SIC_0J921 0J921 SIC 921 Courts SIC_0J9211 0J9211 SIC 9211 Courts SIC_0J922 0J922 SIC 922 Public Order and Safety SIC_0J9221 0J9221 SIC 9221 Police protection SIC_0J9222 0J9222 SIC 9222 Legal counsel and prosecution SIC_0J9223 0J9223 SIC 9223 Correctional institutions SIC_0J9224 0J9224 SIC 9224 Fire protection SIC_0J9229 0J9229 SIC 9229 Public order and safety, nec SIC_0J93 0J93 SIC 93 Finance, Taxation, & Monetary Policy SIC_0J931 0J931 SIC 931 Finance, Taxation, & Monetary Policy SIC_0J9311 0J9311 SIC 9311 Finance, taxation, & monetary policy SIC_0J94 0J94 SIC 94 Administration of Human Resources SIC_0J941 0J941 SIC 941 Admin. of Educational Programs SIC_0J9411 0J9411 SIC 9411 Admin. of educational programs SIC_0J943 0J943 SIC 943 Admin. of Public Health Programs SIC_0J9431 0J9431 SIC 9431 Admin. of public health programs SIC_0J944 0J944 SIC 944 Admin. of Social & Manpower Programs SIC_0J9441 0J9441 SIC 9441 Admin. of social & manpower programs SIC_0J945 0J945 SIC 945 Administration of Veterans'' Affairs SIC_0J9451 0J9451 SIC 9451 Administration of veterans'' affairs SIC_0J95 0J95 SIC 95 Environmental Quality and Housing SIC_0J951 0J951 SIC 951 Environmental Quality SIC_0J9511 0J9511 SIC 9511 Air, water, & solid waste management SIC_0J9512 0J9512 SIC 9512 Land, mineral, wildlife conservation SIC_0J953 0J953 SIC 953 Housing and Urban Development SIC_0J9531 0J9531 SIC 9531 Housing programs SIC_0J9532 0J9532 SIC 9532 Urban and community development SIC_0J96 0J96 SIC 96 Administration of Economic Programs SIC_0J961 0J961 SIC 961 Admin. of General Economic Programs SIC_0J9611 0J9611 SIC 9611 Admin. of general economic programs SIC_0J962 0J962 SIC 962 Regulation, Admin. of Transportation SIC_0J9621 0J9621 SIC 9621 Regulation, admin. of transportation SIC_0J963 0J963 SIC 963 Regulation, Admin. of Utilities SIC_0J9631 0J9631 SIC 9631 Regulation, admin. of utilities SIC_0J964 0J964 SIC 964 Regulation of Agricultural Marketing SIC_0J9641 0J9641 SIC 9641 Regulation of agricultural marketing SIC_0J965 0J965 SIC 965 Regulation Misc. Commercial Sectors SIC_0J9651 0J9651 SIC 9651 Regulation misc. commercial sectors SIC_0J966 0J966 SIC 966 Space Research and Technology SIC_0J9661 0J9661 SIC 9661 Space research and technology SIC_0J97 0J97 SIC 97 National Security and Intl. Affairs SIC_0J971 0J971 SIC 971 National Security SIC_0J9711 0J9711 SIC 9711 National security SIC_0J972 0J972 SIC 972 International Affairs SIC_0J9721 0J9721 SIC 9721 International affairs SIC_0K99 0K99 SIC 99 Nonclassifiable Establishments SIC_0K999 0K999 SIC 999 Nonclassifiable Establishments SIC_0K9999 0K9999 SIC 9999 Nonclassifiable establishments