Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (SIC)
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Job openings rate, Total nonfarm - JLU00000000JOR
Hires rate, Total nonfarm - JLU00000000HIR
Total separations rate, Total nonfarm - JLU00000000TSR
Job openings rate, Total private - JLU01000000JOR
Hires rate, Total private - JLU01000000HIR
Total separations rate, Total private - JLU01000000TSR
Job openings rate, Mining - JLU10000000JOR
Hires rate,Mining - JLU10000000HIR
Total separations rate, Mining - JLU10000000TSR
Job openings rate, Construction - JLU20000000JOR
Hires rate, Construction - JLU20000000HIR
Total separations rate, Construction - JLU20000000TSR
Job openings rate, Manufacturing - JLU30000000JOR
Hires rate, Manufacturing - JLU30000000HIR
Total separations rate, Manufacturing - JLU30000000TSR
Job openings rate, Transportation and public utilities - JLU40000000JOR
Hires rate, Transportation and public utilities - JLU40000000HIR
Total separations rate, Transportation and public utilities - JLU40000000TSR
Job openings rate, Wholesale trade - JLU50000000JOR
Hires rate, Wholesale trade - JLU50000000HIR
Total separations rate, Wholesale trade - JLU50000000TSR
Job openings rate, Retail trade - JLU60000000JOR
Hires rate, Retail trade - JLU60000000HIR
Total separations rate, Retail trade - JLU60000000TSR
Job openings rate, Finance, insurance, & real estate - JLU70000000JOR
Hires rate, Finance, insurance, & real estate - JLU70000000HIR
Total separations rate, Finance, insurance, & real estate - JLU70000000TSR
Job openings rate, Services - JLU80000000JOR
Hires rate, Services - JLU80000000HIR
Total separations rate, Services - JLU80000000TSR
Job openings rate, Government - JLU90000000JOR
Hires rate, Government - JLU90000000HIR
Total separations rate, Government - JLU90000000TSR