PPI Industry Data
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Total manufacturing industries - PCUOMFG--OMFG--
Electric power distribution - PCU221122221122
Fruit and vegetable canning - PCU311421311421
Petroleum lubricating oil & grease mfg - PCU324191324191
Industrial gas manufacturing - PCU325120325120
Chemical mfg - PCU325---325---
Carbon black - PCU3251803251806
All other basic organic chemical mfg, primary products - PCU325199325199P
Plastics material and resins manufacturing - PCU325211325211
Synthetic rubber mfg, primary products - PCU325212325212P
Pharmaceutical preparation mfg - PCU325412325412
Paint & coating mfg - PCU325510325510
Iron & steel mills - PCU331110331110
Aluminum sheet, plate & foil mfg - PCU331315331315
Sheet metal work mfg - PCU332322332322
Hardware mfg - PCU332510332510
Other fabricated wire product mfg - PCU332618332618
Industrial valve mfg - PCU332911332911
Ball and roller bearing mfg - PCU332991332991
Construction machinery mfg - PCU333120333120
Oil & gas field machinery & equipment mfg - PCU333132333132
Turbine & turbine generator set unit mfg - PCU333611333611
Capacitor, resistor, coil, transformer, and other mfg - PCU33441K33441K
Electric power and specialty transformer mfg - PCU335311335311
Switchgear & switchboard apparatus mfg - PCU335313335313
Current-carrying wiring device mfg - PCU335931335931
Automobile, light truck and utility vehicle mfg - PCU336110336110
Aircraft engine & engine parts mfg - PCU336412336412
Other aircraft parts & equipment mfg - PCU336413336413
Wholesale distribution of drugs and druggists' sundries - PCU4240004240002
Wholesale distribution of grocery and related products - PCU4240004240004
New car dealers - PCU441110441110
Scheduled passenger air transportation - PCU481111481111
Line-haul railroads - PCU482111482111
Supermarkets and other grocery (exc convenience) stores - PCU445110445110
Truck transportation - PCU484---484---
General freight trucking, long-distance, truckload - PCU4841214841212
Other heavy machinery rental & leasing - PCU532412532412
Offices of physicians (exc mental health) - PCU621111621111
General medical and surgical hospitals - PCU622110622110